Server lag since Randy's farewell?

Anyone else experiencing intermittently dispersed server lag? I live on East Coast US and ever since the announcement that BB will no longer be supported(Randy’s farewell) I’ve noticed more and more server lag.

I really want to continue playing and monetarily supporting the game, however, it makes it hard to do so if the games server capacity is being dropped.

Thoughts? Ideas? Discussion?

Wait the Fall Update already happen? Or am I going crazy?

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No clue what OP is talking about

There was a small update ~2 weeksa go that buffed OM and nerfed Boldur, maybe that’s what they’re talking about.

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i haven’t had lag myself yet but i heard some people complaining so it’s possible they cut down on servers.

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Im sorry if I wasn’t clearer but I was referring to Randy’s farewell statement that BB will no longer be supported after the supposedly incoming fall patch.

Also, according to another thread Im not the only one. Was just curious as to what the majority of folks are experiencing.

The “life support” update hasn’t happened yet is what a lot of folks are referring to

Again Im sorry for the wording. I meant the Randy Farewell update. I know there is a patch coming sometime hopefully, but i was referring to server instability since Randys message.

I forget that sometimes people often look at “update” as being synonymous with “patch”.



Updated title to minimize further confusion.


My guess is that people decided to bail early once there is an official date coming for cutting support. It doesn’t matter whether there is still content coming, they know that the end is near.

So the population suffers more -more than it already has been- and therefore the servers are even more unstable.

Of course, two things can be true at once: people could be bailing AND the servers are simultaneously collapsing on itself to accelerate the process.

This is why the farewell speech should’ve came after the patch drops.


GBX hasn’t done much with Battleborn in some time. The plan seems to be to eke micro transactions as long as possible and then shut it down, so shutting down servers as a cost cutting move is not surprising. If you paid full price at launch, well that’s the danger of these always online games… You don’t actually own the game, it’s just a rental until the servers go down. There was there usual talk of a “fall” patch, but given their previous history, it will be months before this actually goes through. I don’t see them doing anything else with the game but waiting for a convenient time to shut it down after that.



So much this.

It just seemed cruel!

They could’ve left things on a somewhat high note…

"Hey, big fat update!


P.S. - support for Battleborn has been discontinued indefinitely, except for some sketchy servers that we will leave up for you to try and play on! But hey, at least we left you a nice gift!"

One thing that is happening a lot lately is random kicks from the Bot servers.
Has happened to me several times and I see it each day with other players.
You can rejoin, but there is never a error display about why the server dropped you.



People don’t want to sink time into an officially dying game.


I wonder if (and a big if) they allow for local or p2p play if someone can make a tunngle server or something. It may actually make the experience better and cut down on wait times. I’ve only used it a handful of times but it’s just a thought.

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I’ve heard other people mention that, I think.

What exactly does it mean?

I thought a bit about this topic, and I think it´s more like a negative placebo-effect. There always were many server- and connection issues, on all platforms - just use the searchtool and one will find tons of topics on these matters.
I can hardly believe it suddenly grew much worse than before, I more guess the perception of current issues differ, due to the impact of Randy´s letter.

Here the phenomenon of “Nocebo”, the reverse Placebo-effect.

Of course I could be wrong, but keeping all prior topics about server-issues in mind, it´s hard to think that it is a recent developement. I had such problems since launch too, some weeks alot, some days no problems at all.


Can’t quite comment on in-game stability since most of the time I’m playing in 10 mans with EU and US players mixed together, so ping times will naturally be high for someone. But I am getting a lot of errors whenever I try to do anything in the command menus;

Granted, they fix themselves quick and it’s not like these errors weren’t happening before, so I’d just chalk it up to Battleborn servers being themselves rather than some recent change. It’s not like these servers have been that great at any point. Here’s to hoping GBX learns from it and goes with something better with their next online endeavors…

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