Server List and Letting people name their server

The lack of server lists is going to become an even bigger issue than Matchmaking was in Borderlands 2. In Borderlands 2, only the main campaign quest the host was working on would show up, so if they were doing side quests or DLC campaigns, that information would never show up. BUT, at least we could search through potential games.

Right now, if I’ve finished the campaign, it’s a random grab bag of what people are doing when I choose the “campaign matchmaking” option. Normally I jump into someone’s game and they’re doing a circle of slaughter. Why am I matchmaking into someone’s circle of slaughter game when there’s already a circle of slaughter matchmaking?

I REALLY think you should go back to allowing players to search potential games on a host list. And I REALLY think you should allow the host to name their server with what they are doing, or if you don’t want that, let the host choose from a large selection of options of what they’re going to be doing in their game session.

If I’m just doing vanilla side quests at Mayhem to level up, let someone who is looking for that same thing be able to join my game.

If I’m doing a DLC campaign, let people be able to choose my game from a list with the label “DLC campaign”.

Right now, the matchmaking is super limited. I like that you added “some” specific ways to tailor what I’m looking for with the slaughter and proving grounds searches, but the “campaign matchmaking” just is not cutting it unless you’re still playing through the main campaign. It is useless for anything afterwards.

I hope you have plans to revamp this before DLC starts hitting.

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