Server Location and Ping

Hi, Im a huge fan of gearbox cuz borderlands. Im looking forward to play Battleborn. But as I live in South America Id like to know how would be the ping here and if the game would be playable or not. Im waiting for Op Beta to test it anyway.

How good is your internet? Perhaps try googling Ookla Speed Test and using that.

If you’ve got decent connection, then being in South America shouldn’t give you too much ping.

Here in Australia I get a minimum of 250MS. <.<

But South American friends in other games have reported around 150-ish, on average, so I suppose you’ll be fine.

But yes, waiting for the beta to test it yourself is a good idea.

TO use Ookla efectively id need to know server location to have an idea, and someone know when open beta begins and how to get a key to closed beta?

The servers are more than likely somewhere in the U.S.

We haven’t been told anything about when an open beta will be yet. @JoeKGBX may have more information. As for your original question, @xmngr lives in Chile and participated during the CTT, so he might have a better idea as to the ping times for our SA friends.

Thanks for the call gulf.

Yeah, depends mainly of your ISP. My ping was awful because of that.

So how was ur ping ?200 - ms?

between 200 and 2000 xDDDD

Gearbox is located in Plano, TX, USA if that helps any, @Ney.

gearbox isn’t in dallas?

i’m confused: the page says frisco and other says plano xD

¿De dónde eres ney? / De onde você é?

Wikipedia says Plano, TX; it’s near Dallas though, which may be why you thought they were located there. They may have servers in Dallas, I’m not sure. Frisco, TX is part of the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. Basically it’s a city located within the territory of a larger one.

As I understand things, there will be regional servers located in various countries.

That should help.

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GEARBOX: please put servers in chile xD

Or Brazil. That’s close enough, isn’t it? :dukecheese:

brazil has too many stuff, we want our opportunity