Server offline in Epic Games Store?

Hello, i have come back to play since shortly after the games release only to find this:

any tips?

Try hitting the three dots and do a verify files things. If you haven’t played in a while, you’ll be well behind on updates. And if you don’t have the current version, on-line coop is not available.

I was playing today, and I have the same issue. I’ve updated the game, verified the saves, but nothing’s changed.
And I was planning to introduce a friend to BL3 today (in an hour).

Having the same issue rn. Tried uninstalling to reinstall but now it wont even let me download the game. Just says unavailable.

Yeah its just updated for me, but the servers still offline? Must be something to do with epic cos SHIFT isn’t down according to twitter

Did you try kicking the Epic launcher in its digital pants? Sometimes it seems to need a restart to get fully updated.

Resrtarted everything that can be restarted)

Same problem. Game’s working fine on Steam, so it has to be something Epic related. So help me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d have to buy all the DLC again I’d just jump over to Steam and never look back.
EDIT: Rebooted my PC and it’s fine now.