Server problems?

(at first, sry for my bad english , im german)

Is it just me and my friends or are the Battleborn servers unstable as hell?

im not a person who is “enraged” very fast but it is the 17th time that i was kicked from the server after i beat the boss in single player mode.

yesterday i had 2 fatal error codes after i downloaded the newest drivers for my computer.

and when im playing online story , its nearly normal that 1-2 persons leaf at the “choose charackter” display. its super frustrating when you played half an hour just to read that you disconnected from the server and you dont get any loot or exp… i mean , if it would be 1 or 2 times , ok , but since the release i get that so often… i love this game and im a big borderlands fan but this just dont make any fun…

i already looked for some way to ask but this here is the only thing i found.

(wow… even this here is not possible … an error message when i try to create this topic… its just unbeliveable ~.~)

Seems to be a problem for some but not others. Might want to poke through the relevant Tech Support sub-category if you haven’t already done so:

The forums are on completely different servers AIUI, but the software is occasionally a little… picky. Mostly it runs pretty well though.

Somehow I just lost all of my single player mission progress. Shows the only unlocked mission for private missions is the Prologue. Didn’t lose any of my other progress…strange. I’m going to post in support.

Don’t forgot to file a support ticket as well - hopefully they can fix your problem on the server side:


Yeah. If you’re losing items and/or progress, submit a support ticket; GBX support is very quick to respond to the tickets, so you won’t be left without a response for a week or more.

OK, thanks for the heads up!

Anytime. I know GBX is working on the servers so hopefully they’ll have stable ones in the near future.