Serveral new IGN videos about the weapon manufacturers

IGN uploaded several 1min videos about the different weapon manufacturers with some interesting look at some new things.

Highlights include:

  • A fight against a large (Vermivorous) Varkid

  • Several new alien gun parts

  • First look at "Flame-"throwers

  • several “new” areas

  • First look at Athenas gameplay

  • More of Borderlands 1 like revolvers glory

  • Grenade Launchers

  • Asteroid belt gameplay(like on that one Zane pic)










EDIT: Some Uniques:


The Torgue pistols look suhweeeeet. As do all the other stuff, but they would appear to rock.


(Watches Vladof video)
Was that… was that a multi-barreled machine gun sniper rifle?..wha…I… okay then.

(Looks at Hyperion)
Mmm…insane tyrants, sleek models, and shields for compulsive aimers… yeasss

(Sees Torgue guns in action)
Pistol goes boom boom.

Wants to love, but reserves judgement like a parent that is worried about their college age child’s partying habits

(Critically analyzes Dahl)
We’re bringing back the gangster lean? Yes. Sure. Alright.

(Chuckles at Atlas)
Easy Mode? For Adults.

(Admires Jakobs)
OOOOHHHH… that had to hurt.


Your descriptions are pure gold :joy:

Yeah Atlas guns seem very lackluster at the moment(even more compared to their BL1 counterparts) although I get the feeling they will get the most use out of Amara melee builds. Shoot tracker, then hipfire while closing in and are in Phaseslam range.

Edit: They should be very good while strafing/ running between cover.

I actually really like the look of Atlas. Sure, the minor auto aim once the enemy is tagged is a little simple, but they still look like fun. I’d say they’ll do wonders with Moze’s sprinting and gunning. Sprint to cover while not losing out on damage. Can’t tell or certain until we get our hands on them in around a month.

Some of them seem like unique guns.

If you’re interested there’s a new one that shows a little bit of the burger launcher, the shloot-gun and the Butt Plug etc:

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