Servers Appear to Have Taken a Turn for the Worst

Over the past week or so, on both the X1 and the PS4, the servers appear to have taken a significant turn for the worst. On X1, my friends and I have to choose the US East 1 Server or else almost everyone red bars and the game is unplayably laggy for most. On the PS4, the servers appeared to simply not be working at all this weekend. This is my impassioned plea to the Gearbox devs to do what is necessary to at least return the game to the state it was in a couple weeks ago, in terms of server integrity, etc. Whatever step down was taken in maintenance, resources, whatever, please reverse it. I still have many friends I play with on both the X1 and PS4 that care about and love this game. We really don’t want to see it go out with a whimper like this.

Anyone who knows the tags for the devs, please feel free to reply and add them.


I’d like to second this. Match history is spotty, purchasing gear packs is spotty, and the default servers are extremely laggy. Gearbox, please maintain the basic level of maintenance to allow the remaining dedicated community to enjoy Battleborn


The Servers are completely down on ps4 right now. Even private matches are impossible. Furthermore the game has been removed from the psn store, steam and the xbox store.
Gearbox, if yall shut down the game at least tell us about it. Battleborn still, to this day has a hardcore fanbase who play this game in privates almost every day. It would be sad to see it all end like this, without even a notice.


I saw this coming, sadly. I honestly thought it would wait until the first DLC on Borderlands 3 dropped, but I never expected a warning. Despite that, it’s still disappointing to see such a shady tactic of shutting down a game that the devs are well aware still has a devoted fanbase.

Just like with the “balance” changes that went completely unreported and had to be discovered by the players, we simply don’t rate a simple announcement from them. Sad, but expected.

It would have been nice for the community to be alerted so that those of us with love for Battleborn still in our hearts could get together for some last matches, and it is still possible for Gearbox and 2K to give us that. Hopefully they will make the morally right choice, instead of the financially beneficial one.


I was just able to log into Battleborn on Xbox one. I didn’t try to get into a match, but this suggests that the lights haven’t completely been turned off…

I will be crushed if they shut down the servers. I still play a long session (6+ hours) of private matches every Friday night. I even stream to try to give a bit of visibility to the game.


Can someone tag the devs for this so we can maybe get some form of light on the the situation?


I only know of one who still looks into things here for us. One second… Clears throat.



PS4 servers are back up!


This is disappointing to hear. I don’t play anymore, but I played from CCT through beta and the first year of Battleborn. I was very passionate about the game, it’s the reason I joined the forums, and I was very active in the community. If this is happening, I’d like some notice too so I can get in some last games for the sake of nostalgia and get destroyed on horrible red bar because Australian servers were shut down after the first year (without warning) and I haven’t played in two years.

Is @JoeKGBX still around? He was the most active responder to the Battleborn community back then.

Some of my best gaming experiences and memories happened during that year, I’ll never forget this game or the amazing community who played it. Only a few weeks ago there was a post that turned into a community appreciation thread, and some of the old Battleborn crew were tagged and came in for a chat and reminiscence. If the servers are really on their way out, then RIP Battleborn.

Also, please give us the option to play offline so we can play solo, or add peer to peer support that way we can still at least play PvE and scrims/vs bots. This game doesn’t deserve to die, not this way. It’s a pipe dream, I know, but I can dream damn it!


Joe is actually with Gamestop now. He handed over to Meredith and then Noelle_GBX became Community Manager.


@Noelle_GBX , there are still many of us that love and play this game. Please consider this an impassioned plea to do anything you can to convince the powers that be to keep the servers up and working.