Servers down possibly?

I was wondering if it’s possible to still play online with friends on Borderlands 1? I tried to join my friends game and it wouldn’t let me, giving an error that they were on a different version. Also, for some reason I lost all my progress after not playing for a while(few years honestly).

What platform are you on?

I’m running on PS3

I played on Xbox earlier today

The progress loss might be because you’re playing a different version of the game than the one you were previously playing on. I know when I was playing BL1 on Ps3 I had to restart completely because I couldn’t save on my characters on my own game after I purchased it digitally myself because they were created when I had the game downloaded from a friends account.

As for the non being able to join your friend part, did you make sure you had the update for the game downloaded?

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As mentioned, you need the Feb. 2015 update to enable on-line play on PS3, since the original Gamespy matchmaking servers shut down. (See this thread for details)


Thanks for the response. I did all the updates and I can see my friends online. When I tried to join their game it gave the error I mentioned before. I can send them an invite and they can’t join mine either. Not sure what’s going on.

My progress was originally on the store bought physical disc. I honestly think I might have formatted or deleted my save. It’s been years since I played our even had the ps3 plugged in. Oh well, I’ll just have to work my way through again.

If you’re unable to join your friends even with a new character, you can file a support ticket here:

You should get an auto-reply fairly quickly, and a human response in ~1 day (depending on traffic volumes at the support desk)

Thanks. Just submitted a report.