Set bonuses should be in the game change my mind

i just think that set bonuses should be apart of the game, it would make builds even more diverse than now.
ex - have a weapon/shield/relic and have 3 of them gives you 300% bonus damage and if you get 2 more parts of the set you get like 50% more fire damage

Reading the title, I thought you meant allegiance bonuses, like “for every piece of jakobs gear you have equipped, you do +1% damage” or “for every piece of vladof gear you have equipped, you gain +1% fire rate”. That could work pretty well, as long as the bonus wasn’t too big.

In regards to your idea, of specific gear that grants bonuses when you equip all/some of them, BL2 had a few of them. Like, the Law pistol and Order shield. It’s a cool mechanic, but gearbox doesn’t seem to have brought it back. I think it could be cool, though with all the levels of RNG in the game, trying to gather a full set with decent stats might be a total nightmare.

Set bonuses that are that strong would make the build even less important than it is right now with just anoints.
Law and order was cool, granting life leech was a fun idea. That’s what I would prefer.
Peak opener and hard carry type of sets that buff your damage in certain areas is kind of okay, but we have OP weapons for that.
Sets like you suggested would be absolutely terrible in my opinion. In borderlands, every legendary you equip should change the way you play. With those sets you would just have to equip puzzle parts that do nothing on their own, which is unsatisfying.

We have class mods, which, traditionally, will dictate the style of gameplay you tackle the content with the most, and I think just gathering fitting legendaries around the COM is all the set bonus I need on BL.

Additionally: I think path of exile is well received and has no sets. Diablo 4 wants to go back to less sets as well. And if I look through all the games having sets I have to notice, that we just don’t have enough slots for gear.

Set bonuses would either make builds less diverse (if they were powerful enough) or have no impact at all (if they were not powerful enough).