Set Faisors to 'Fun'?


  • Increased amount of shotgun projectiles from 6 to 8
  • Increased the reload time of the under-barrel shotgun (rate at which the under-barrel shotgun refills ammo)
  • Increased weapon damage on both firing modes


  • Increased fire rate
  • Increased weapon damage



Seriously, bro!


What 900x10 looks like on the target dumby:



We meant it when we said buff!


Bloody hell.

Amazing Faisor and Sickle buff. 2 weapons I’ve always wanted to love but just barely underperformed. Can’t wait to mess around with these! Also I had a feeling Thunderball fists would get a buff and kept some nice ones of those too!


Obligatory Wotan clip:


I have been blessed with a fire and electric boom sickle, this pleases me a lot.

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I’ve never seen a boom sickle ever. Always non-splash.

Buff to Shrediffier too maybe? Its my favorite AR!

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I can’t wait to try the faisor in shotgun mode on Moze. I used to use in on Mayhem 3 over the Westergun whenever I would get a - SMG / + Assault Rifle roll.

It might just end up becoming a better trevonator

Just checked it out on Bearonator build real quick. It’s amazing :slight_smile: Can’t get the magsize very big but it regens ammo really well.

I got the ammo count up to 10 with mag size on the artifact and 5/5 Iron Bank. It was more than enough.

Yeah 10 is where I’m at, again not very big lol. But it regens its own ammo and +redistribution and MOD I could trigger spam quite well.

It should be quite nice as the fists weren’t too bad anyway.


Something odd is that “Boom” Sickles don’t gain a boost to fire rate. Can’t tell if this is intentional.

I was wondering how you were maintaining continuous sickle fire in this vid, and then I noticed my sickle has a fire rate of 4.5 compared to your 1.9. How is mine over double the fire rate? Does boom sickle have an innate sever fire rate penalty?

@Aaron0000 Okay that seems to answer that lol.

Probably has something to do with the part that makes Boom Sickle do splash damage? I don’t know enough about it, just guessing.

I will investigate the parts and get back to everyone.

Wait? Is that a recent update? My old fave getting buffed?

I also love how you don’t have to worry about hitting 0 ammo with the Faisor shotgun when you’re using Blast Master.

And that passive gun ammo regen with it :ok_hand:

I honestly believe Boom Sickle is better than Faisor overall. But maybe that’s just me. I had fun with it the other day before the buff, so… completely anecdotal.