Set Up For Future

A lot of the community has issues with the story. Maya dies (I also loved her…but not really super mad), no lead up to how the CoV took over, or why after all the work with the raiders we are back to square one, and ignoring the presequel oddly enough.

But, what I LOVED was showing the corporate wars, how these “Borderlands are just waste zones after all the corporations came and took over.” I think there is easily some potential to have more with these ideas. Hyperion was the big D bag of 2. (Jack being the GOAT of villains) But they show how little corporations care about the stuff going on with civilians. All out war, take overs, and each trying to get the power of the vaults. It’s a good base to build off of. I do feel Vaults have strayed from the glory days of guns, and now being basically Weapons of Mass Destruction. But still. Loved the corporate spin. I feel we can dig deeper into some of that.

Pushing past that, I really want to move on. Away from these BIG hero ideas and go back to being a Chaotic Vault Hunter. That is why this game is not up to snuff. We are painted as the good guys far more then we ever really have been. Vault Hunters are murdering psychopathic gun nuts. We dont care who we blow up.

Tldr; I really think factions could be a thing. Maybe build a game where we get some choices, like join Jacons / Atlas / Dauhl and under some circumstance of vault guns, help them take over.

Too many vault hunters come from CRAZY backgrounds. I feel 3 tones it down.

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To tell the you the truth I wouldn’t be surprise if gearbox announce that all the Vault Hunters that did not appear are dead and the fanboys say “deal with it you entitled child”

To me, it has been about being a vault hunter. Not about other vault hunters. So, yea, wouldn’t bother me none.

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A lot of people would disagree with you

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A lot of other people have not been on this ride since BL1. Which had no story really. No real depth, other then run, gun, loot.

To each their own. But for many, many, many fans, it has never been about the story, or who they killed, or who’s plot armor is indestructible.

Maya served a purpose. She is gone. We got a prodigy, and new siren lore.
Roland served a purpose. He is gone. We got crimson raiders.
Bloodwing served a purpose. To be awesome. Great plot hook.

I’m not saying don’t love the characters, and yes some of the best have passed, but you will never play the old ones again. Borderlands moves forward.

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Yes BL used to move forward so it means the game moves forward. That is why they added a more complex story in BL 2, Pre Sequel and a great story in Tales.
The Story in BL3 is a step back in everything they been doing in the last 3 games, so no, the game is not moving forward just because the guns are better.

Using your logic, many, many, many fans love the story and the characters more than the game play and the loot.

If they don’t want to give us a good story then just add SKIP SCENES so we can get it over with fast.

You know, it is not so difficult to at least TRY and make most of your fans happy. The fans are the reason the game exists. I can tell you right now that im not thinking in buying BL4 or any other BL game unless they fix their mistakes with the DLC’s


After 2 full plays of the campaign, and soon to be a 3rd, I am finally good with the story as is. Do I still hate how certain things were handled? Yes. Do I wish things could be changed? Yes. But the story is what they chose it to be. It is a done deal. Asking them to go back and change it would be like the mess that was Mass Effect 3.

All we as fans of the series can hope is that the DLC’s will make up for some of the short comings of the main story. I really hope the DLC’s do well since BL3 is the first game that I have ever bought a Season Pass for. Typically, I wait until DLC’s hit the discount price point before getting them.

Story aside, I am still enjoying the game as a whole. Still looking forward to what comes next. Gearbox at this point has to be well aware that they have fractured their fan base. And are hopefully scrambling to right as much as possible. Until proven otherwise, I am sticking around as a loyal fan and customer of all things Borderlands.


I have to say for my self bl3 was a letdown.The humor/darkhumor is so toned down in bl3 .Dont get me wrong there was some good ones still but so few and far.

I felt that both my fav chs from bl2 claptrap and tinytina where hit with a tone down on there style of humor that made them stand out in bl2.

Claptrap tosses jabs at u and other chs all the time in bl2 .in bl3 hes so mellow.

and i cant help but think they just pushed tinytina aside and tried to make ava the new fav but backfired greatly.

And i hated the lack of real side quest.U spend next to no time with most of the ch’s .Side quest let u learn more about the chs as u do them u get to interact with them more.

Me and my partner were laughing the other day because he knows I love Jack. And he said :

Imagine an alternate universe where Jack won…and we had to pick a ‘faction’. Crimson Raiders, Hyperion, Atlas (under Rhys) and such - and we play through the story fighting for them. Multiple endings based on who you fight for. And that was the big war.

Your idea kind of reminded me of that - the corporation wars. And honestly I’d like that - 3 was a bit of an overload for mystical powers and alien technology for me. There was plenty in 2, sure, but at least Opportunity and all the bots reminded us that there were humans still fighting for power I guess.

(I have the flu so my words might not make a lot of sense so apologies if it doesn’t )

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I think/hope all our answers will come in DLC. Including side characters and story issues.

Man, it would be a wild ride. Jack was the best. I would want a slight choice is story though. Do the old school pick a faction, play 3 separate stories. Even if it is just minor changes.

I like the charatcers you get to play but it was disappointing. I was really hoping for a much more in depth worlds, ( even worlds that were not a part of the story , customizations, and throw backs to the people we loved in previous iterations. WHERE IS BRICK JAZZING IT UP! I do like the game though and would love more.