Setting Salvador up for the First Time

I have just got my second character to level 72 (Gaige) which has prompted a couple of general questions:

  1. Having played a couple of side missions at level 72 I notice that the XP bar at the foot of the screen does not change. Am I right in assuming that the only XP that counts will be that earned in Destruct Peak?

  2. For my next character I will set up Salvador, as over the past 2+ years this is the only character I have not played as. Having looked at a couple of online videos a few things have surprised me; a) the 2 most effective weapons to use during Gunzerking seem to be the Grog Nozzle and DPUH. However I notice that Salv seems to have unlimited pistol ammo. Is this possible?; b) Salv seems to be able to Gunzerk all of the time. Again, is this possible? ; c) Salv also seems to be able to resurrect himself during FFYL. Is this possible? If these 3 features are possible what skills do I need to get to achieve to make this happen?


Firstly - congratulations on getting Gaige to 72!

  • 1 Your XP bar will be forever empty now. Gaining OP levels on the Peak actually only allows you to use higher level gear and combat higher level enemies ; you still technically stay at level 72. That is, your health stays the same and you can’t get additional skills.

  • 2 a) Sal has many ammo mitigation and regen skills : Gunzerking regenerates ammo ; 5 Shots or 6 has a chance to add ammo ; Inconceivable allows a chance to not use ammo for any given shot. This goes for any gun except rocket launchers.

  • 2 b) Sal has a variety of skills that keep him GZing : Last Longer and Yippee Ki Yay extend his time ; I’m Ready Already increases cooldown rate ; and Get Some will reduce his cooldown timer even while Gunzerking! You can actually see his cooldown timer refill. As long as you’re shooting things, once the action skill expires, you can hit it again and you’re instantly back in GZ. Note - Get Some will completely replace I’m Ready once it can be spec’d.

  • 2 c) Really the only skill that can hasten this is Down Not Out. This allows him to GZ in Fight for Your Life. He also has a lot of health regen skills : activating GZ restores a chunk of health ; he constantly regens health in GZ which can be improved by various skills in the Brawn tree.

I highly recommend this guide :


Congrats on yet another full set of skill points. @Jefe has all the right answers, and the thread he linked will fill in any gaps barring specific questions, and those get handled by you being here most of the time. The only thing I might have to add is that you should avoid being discouraged. When I leveled my Sal I felt that it was much harder than I expected after watching youtube and seeing the many “Sal is overpowered” threads in the wilds of the interwebs. But once you get the requisite understanding he is a beast, and a totally different animal than the rest of the toons.

Also, while a Grog Nozzle and a Harold make you nigh invulnerable, you can still definitely die. If not from enemy fire (although I did just that plenty with that gear set), then from boredom. There are lots of ways to make stuff dead, you just need to find your favorite.



Salvador is incredibly gear-dependent and will feel underpowered and weak if your gear is weak. Which can be a problem when leveling up, especially early UVHM.

Other than that, have fun and don’t hesitate to keep asking questions if you feel lost :slight_smile: