Setting up Tediore Build

MAIN: Shock Everblast Shotgun homing with child projectiles.
-Mag/Shotgun damage Spiritual Driver class mod
-40% mag shotgun damage catpurse

Items I’m willing to trade for it:
Dastardly Maggie 250% Phasecast
Cryo Crossroad 250% Phasecast
Terror crit Shock Binary Cutsman
Terror ammo regen Fire Dictator
Fire/melee Unleash the Dragon
Gamma burst 65% Pestilence
Bonus Cryo Pestilence
100% weapon damage Pestilence
Smg/AR/Jakobs Crit Friend Bot
Weapon Damage/Mag size/AR Red Fang
Corrosive Extra Rakk Attack Lucians Call
100% Damage Rakk Attack Fire x2 Lyuda
Cloning Ghast Call unannointed
Apply terror to self Deep Dive Facepuncher
ASE 100% Facepuncher
Terror crit Speedloding Hellwalker
Terror ammo regen Re-charger
Bunch of other crap in my vault

Willing to offer my homing mirv shock for trade if youd like.

Awesome, what were you interested in?
Gt: BrownleeFamily

A pick of the driver would be nice. Any new mailwan takedown or specific terror annointed gear. Good amara zane gear. Etc. I’m willing to work with u if u dont have tho :heart:

The items listed for trade in the post are the noteable extras I have. I’m willing to trade two, even maybe three if any cross your mind.

Sure. Just curious. Would u mind throwing up a pic of the spirit drive? Ill prolly want that and maybe the friend bot of thats cool

The driver is listed under items I want/looking for, so I don’t have that.