Settings failed to save and have to keep playing the prologue to unlock multiplayer

This is the third time ive started up the game. I have already played through the prologue and am level 4, but when i start up my game and go to the main menu it tells me your setting have failed to save and everything is locked again except for the prologue. Also when i try to change my settings, they change but do not save. Every time i startup the game its like im starting over. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Sounds like some kind of save file is set to ‘read only’ or something. Just my wild and uninformed guess, so it could be something completely different.

I just turned off read only for basiclally everything an still no change

What I did was find the Battleborn.exe, right click and hit properties then check the box that says run as admin and it worked for me

Thanks for the help. Running as admin worked. I found that very peculiar though because none of my other games has ever been affected by that

I’ve had other games require admin, but the reason why is because whatever user the game/Steam is attempting to modify the Documents/My Games folder as isn’t working. I set permissions for that folder only for full control for everybody.