Seventh Sense Design Flaw

The seventh sense NEEDS to get improved stats depending on mayhem lvls, i mean i got to play with the gun for about 3 to 4 weeks and doing so it quickly became my favorite gun to use and then mayhem 10 comes along and even tho i like the dificulty increase i cant stand being denied the option to play with my favorite gun just because of bad game design … i mean the balencing portion of the gun was having no annoint but now that + 4k base dmg in mayhem 10 is unbearable

Seventh Sense, plus every other mission item, should be farmable (and should be able to come with an anointment). That would solve all these problems immediately.


Agreed. Move the cosmetic drops to Earl, where they should have been. Add the quest and Crew Challenge items to the loot pool upon completion. Either have them tied to specific mobs (where appropriate for a quest) or as world drops. We don’t need to add on to the already over-generous dedicated loot pools of most bosses.

Normally I’d say reset and replay (for quest items), but I don’t trust them to scale up to the Mayhem level the quest is completed on.