Several anointed items and stuff to trade

I have several anointed items like three anointed maggies, four anointed lyudas, 1 anointed scourge and 1 anointed ION cannon, three anointed Lucian’s calls, two anointed rowan’s calls (1 for zane, 1 for Amara). Let me know what you are looking for and ill see if I have it.

what are the anoinments?

What are you looking for?

The three maggies have 40% more damage while sliding, On ASE not 2 magazines will have 50% shock damage, and while airborne, damage is increased by 30%.

The lyudas have 40% damage while sliding, ASE 15% life steal, ASE nxt two mags have 50% rad damage, while SNTL is active, fireoate is increased by 9% and reload speed by 23%

Im willing to invite you into my game so you can look at the rest yourselves since it would take me a while to list everything

Mainly anointed gear for zane or flak

What’s the anointment for scourge

If I remember correctly its ASE 125% more splash damage