Several boss fixes and stuff that should be done

Bosses discussed.

First off the following bosses could use nerfs/buffs. Katagawa (not ball) can easily use some form of knowing which one is the real one. Pain and terror could use a debuff on their first phase as that armor is insane amounts and the boss fight goes on for what seems like forever even longer then most bosses after them. A lowering of the armor or perhaps also the damage of the fire could use some slight nerfs. The second two phases could use some buffs though especiallythe second one which is a joke and the third one could have pain and terror do something besides stand there before i destroy them. Katagawa ball was a joke and can be buffed back up. Billy could stay the way it is now as i think that addressed many of the issues with them. Killavolt is still a huge pain in the butt and could use a nerf mainly to the amount of damage that full arena lightning does or maybe it is just their shields or maybe just add more adds would help.

The real Katagawa is the one that throws the distortion grenade.

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What are “adds”?

I keep seeing people use that term.

Additional enemies for Second Wind opportunities?

:notes: Will the real K Gawa please stand up…please stand up…

I’m K Gawa, yes I’m the real Gawa
All you other K Gawas are just imitating :notes:


yes adds are additional enemies for second winds

yes i know that is why i sayd (not ball)

That was a late response. And I know, I was referring to the Katagawa fight when he’s in the Zer0 suit. When he splits into copies, the real copy throws a distortion grenade. That’s how you know which one is real.

That’s 99% of the bosses I have fought so far. Bullet sponges, I really hate it.

that one especially though the rest of them are not as long

you cant always seem him throw it though with him jumping around all the time and stuff

Really just sounds to me like your struggling with armor. Might i suggest you carry a corrosive weapon with you.

Pain and Terror is one of if not the best fight in the whole game. Once you get situational awareness and realize you cant just spam bullets into them and actually have to dodge it becomes a fun murder obstacle course. I was fighting them for fun one time ignoring their weak spots and the random that joined me died and respawned 3x while i was just focusing on taking of the machines mask for laughs.

Killavolt is exactly where he needs to be. You go through alot of BS and badasses to unlock this fight. As far as I know he’s the only boss with displayed health bar thats not part of the main story. He SHOULD be one of the hardest bosses being 100% optional. He’s not exactly a raid boss but he’s definitely alot easier duo or splitscreen which is why i think the devs have him as such. Even though he’s an Enforcer like Mouthpiece he doesnt turn his back to you to amp up stereos for an attack. 1 vs 1 he is VERY very killable but it can be a tough fight if your not watching the floor panels or saving a maniac or two for a second wind.

Katagawa Ball is… hit or miss. The armor is basically his real health bar and the other two are just useless more or less. I would like at least one of his last two bars to get a buff and become a challenge. You dont even need a shock weapon for it your corrosive gun can pretty much take care of the whole fight.

At some point you have to sit here and realize not all boss are ment to be a loot farm that takes less then 5 minutes to beat. Thats boring as hell and bad game design. Billy the Anoited shouldnt have even been a boss in my opinion since you verse the same (not in size) enemies multiple times in the Vault Machine. Im ok with him being nerfed to where he is now.

Gigamind is fricken joke. I first faced him with my brother on splitscreen and we had a fun fight vs him. I beat him solo fairly easy too. When my brother last came to visit I told him bout how Gigamind got nerfed and we went to refight him just to show him and he was very disapointed. You cant really call him a boss anymore, I fought Badass NOGs that put up more of a fight then Gigamind now.

Aurelia needs a buff. She’s an ex vault hunter from a previous game and not really worth farming. She should be the tough boss before the vault (which is the most overfarmed boss in the game) that acts kinda like a barrier between you and the end of the chapter (and the very easy to farm loot) it is way too easy to stun lock with a shotgun it’s not even funny. The scariest thing about her fight is the RNG on the weapons the bandits drop down with.

Troy’s a bullet sponge and thats about it. Learn how to dodge his attack orbs and 80% of the danger is gone from that fight.

Tyreen is fine as is. On NVHM and TVHM she is a challenge but on mayhem 2 or 3 she can be a pain. Well all of them can be depending on modifiers, but really her health pool is what brings on the most threat. I just got done beating all the bosses I mentioned Solo in a single run on Mayhem 3 and Tyreen by far gave me the hardest challenge. I never realized how dependent i was knocking down her health fast so i could climb her back reload my guns and get my shields back up.

Graveward… He’s graveward, basically a bullet sponge for free loot. I’d like to see him buffed or at least you have to fight Grave & Ward before you fight him. He’s too farmable and not much of a threat. Needs some love.

Rampager… I dont like him lol. He’s not great for loot cause his time to kill and i just dont like his last phase where he breaks the whole room. I think this is just my personal preference though he;s a one and done boss for me.

Mouthpiece, NEVER NERF MOUTHPIECE!!! he is awesome and everyone (least the vast majority) love this fight. If anything I’d like him to get an HP buff so the music lasts longer lol.

Warden needs to use his missiles more, just another Goliath in my eyes. Needs a better gimmick.

Katagawa Jr. I think he’s fine but im angry at the dev who though giving him that annoying grenade was a good idea xD

In conclusion - While i understand this is looting game, not every boss needs to be a simple way to stockpile guns. This game is 65% the exact same minions you fight from start to finish with 1 new enemy type tossed in every 4 or 5 main mission. 25% world specific enemies 5% cars and 4% hunts, bounties, and special named enemies and 1% Bosses with a displayed health bar.

99% of those can be killed in less then a minute can we at least keep some of the 1% and actual challenge. Whats the point of gathering loot if you can kill the bosses with blue tier gear. Nothing makes a game less fun then being too easy and having no real challenge. People like to use the excuse “well there’s no raid boss that’s the devs fault” that doesnt matter. The storyline enemies should be a decent challenge for a solo player, and if i can beat everyone on Mayhem 3 Solo, people should at least be able to beat them by themselves on the 1st playthrough and TVHM solo. It just takes a little effort and time. If your gonna fight a boss it should be a hard fight and you got 7 different weapons types and thousands of bullets and infinite respawns to figure it out.

Dont nerf anymore bosses,
Dangerous Rival

i agree about katagawa ball not about pain and terror because they are probably the most difficult bosses in the game at mayhem 3 which is where the nerf needs to come in on normal or tvhm mode he isnt that bad. But yeah at mayhem 3 pain and terrors first stage is insane same with killavolt which is why i suggested the thing but when i went back and ran it through again a few times to test and all he needs is more additional enemies to come in. I am good with billy the way he is. Gigamind can use a buff for sure as can Aurelia . Troy can use a buff as well to be honest maybea few new moves… He is really predictable so maybe just changing up the attack patterns every now and then? I agree with you on the Tyreen and Graveward. Rampager can use some love on the loot. I agree about mouthpiece and warden. With katagawa jr there nees to be a way to identify the true katagawa. with the beating things on solo the only few i had difficulty with were killavolt pain and terror and tyreen. The rest were able to be done solo and easily. The thing is this game is meant to be played solo or with a group beating the mentioned bosses were much harder then the rest so nerfing them a bit and buffing the rest makes sense. Keeping all at the same level where they can be beat solo is key. It also depends on what vault hunter you play. For me i was playing moze for the most part and on my second playthrough i was playing the siren. The idea is that there can be a balance made and nerfs dont have to be very very strong there can be slight nerfs. They exist.