Several of Zane's Anoints could use some buffs

Moze can get the “+50% Elemental Damage for next 2 clips” effect and maintain it forever, if she plays right. I think that’s maybe slightly overpowered, but not excessively so.

Zane, by contrast, can get “+50% Elemental Damage while SNTNL is active”, “+30% Critical Damage while Barrier is Active”, or “+9% Fire Rate and +30% Reload Speed while SNTNL is active”.

All of those are basically inferior versions of Moze’s Anoint in every way. Seeing as they’re far more limited in how you can use them, AND in power, I feel like they should be moderately stronger.

For example, take the Elemental bonus damage to 80%, take the critical damage to 55%, and take the fire rate to 100%.

Fire rate should logically be the most powerful bonus, since it is automatically counterbalanced by having to use more ammo and reload more often. Critical Damage should be more powerful than Elemental Damage, because critical damage requires precision, while Elemental Damage does not. And the Elemental Damage should be more powerful than Moze’s, simply because you can’t keep SNTNL active 100% of the time, like Moze can keep her clip full 100% of the time.

Last of all, Zane also has “Regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second”, which is very ineffective for Zane, since his playstyle often revolves around moving rapidly, which prohibits weapons with large enough clip sizes to benefit from such an anointment. Add to that, “First shot after swapping with clone is free.” That way it works both with small and large clip sizes.

Do that and I think his anointments would be pretty decent. Powerful, but not overpowered.

Forgive me for the tangent, but I think the whole lot of Annointments need to be reviewed. I find myself gravitating toward the ones that increase weapon damage. The ones that attempt to further DPS by increasing fire rate, critical damage, etc. don’t compare. Then there are the ones that are QoL improvements such as increased accuracy, handling, projectile speed, etc. This reminds of support skill gems in Path of Exile. They were meant to promote diverse gameplay, but players just ended up with stacking ones that gave them more damage. Diablo 3 also faced the same problem with their rune system. Players would just pick Fire-themed Runes because it dealt the most damage. The solution was boosting the damage of underperformers. I don’t how they should handle this, because they’re still rebalancing Mayhem Mode. But this disparity is something that devs should take notice.

So back to your topic, I don’t disagree that some of his Anointments could use some buffs, but at the same time, I don’t think it necessary to compare his Annointments to others. It’s about finding out how to make most of the Annointments. There are ways to sustain SNTNL’s duration. Cool, Calm, and Collected. Techspert Class Mod. A lot of cooldown reduction (Adrenaline and Guardian rank’s Topped Off).

That’s true, but even at best, he can’t hope to compare with Moze’s absolute and passive infinite bonus. Even if he can keep it going, it’s through constant applied effort, and that deserves some kind of reward.

Sorry to run with your tangent, but it’s really weird to me how system designers repeatedly make this mistake, over and over again.

Players will always prioritize and stack damage. If the other options are not blatantly superior to killing the enemy faster, players will always take more damage, 100% of the time. They will stack it as high and deep as they can, and they will break your content with a giddy smile.

This is where a game like Borderlands can shine, by creating combinations of unique skills/weapons/anointments that synergize and increase efficiency that work better than just stacking damage. Unfortunately, their designers just seemed to throw bonus damage in anywhere they couldn’t figure out what to do, and it doesn’t look like there was any top-down management or holistic design philosophy across the characters.

Zane and his ability set was very clearly designed by a totally different person from Amara, but whoever was in charge of managing the process didn’t seem to give them direction to make sure all characters were equally viable. The numbers across different anointments seem straight up arbitrary at times, like different designers got different baseline numbers to work against.

Maybe the Zane designer knew that damage stacking abilities were a design trap, so tried to build something more unique - which in many ways, they succeeded. (In other ways, like introducing anti-synergies, they completely failed, but I give them credit where it’s due). But then the other characters have 5 to 6 layers deep of damage stacking perks and abilities, and he suddenly looks awful by comparison to any normal player.

And I’m not saying there shouldn’t be some damage stacking, but with the way the enemies/encounters are designed, it’s really the only build option. When faced with 2 shotting rocket aimbots, the only winning move is always to kill them so fast you don’t have to worry about them.

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This summarizes it well. There’s only so many stats that the player needs to invest in. Any more is a loss in DPS. The rest they dump into damage.

Considering I can get the drone on a cooldown as short as 4 seconds and that you can also use CCC to keep the drone up for as long as you have an enemy alive, I think the +50% bonus elemental damage on SNTNL is pretty strong

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Generic Anointment: +50% element for the next 2 mags on ability end
Moze Anointement: +40% element for the next 2 mags on IB exit

Generic Anointment: +125% splash damage on ability end
Moze Anointment: +120% splash damage on IB exit.

just some corrections, carry on.