Several problems with Sentinel fight in TVHM

Playing an Athena. I’m level 47, much of my weaponry is 43-45, and the Sentinels are lvl-50.

During first sentinel fight, I got killed, and came back in. Immediately the Sentinel starts whaling on me. Before I finish looking at my hands, and the game lets me issue commands, he’s blown through my shields, and has me at quarter hp, next hit I’m in FFYL. No followers have popped, so that’s that.

During Empyrian Sentinel fight, I got killed 4-5 times because after going into FFYL shooting the flying guardians would do nothing. I could see damage numbers flying off them, then they would fly to pieces, but, no exp, and no Second Wind.

first: get some higher lvl gear. moxxi chest for a Vibrapulse is one example
second: you should be able to move when you enter arena, and it is very lame that you have to look at your hands and cant defend or attack
third: against the “small” sentinel use lasers, tediore throws, and fav grenades cuz he cant reflect them back at you
fourth: try to get a friend to help!
fifth: check out some of the other threads about this and other fights cuz they go into better details than i can/will!

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I’ve noticed this happens periodically. If you die at a certain point in his routine, you’ll warp in and he’ll rush at you before you have a chance to get your weapon up. Then you can get stuck in a loop where he immediately health gates you and then FFYL with no scrubs to kill for a second wind. It’s bad luck though, and doesn’t happen all the time.

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This was fixed in a hotfix (make sure you have loaded hotfixes before playing):

December 9, 2014 Hot Fixes
– Fixed a bug that allowed Nisha to dual wield weapons that weren’t pistols.

‘Tread Carefully’ challenge – Players can now successfully complete the
challenge by destroying five powersuits without triggering any power
– ‘Death from Above’ challenge – Players will now be alerted
that they have unlocked a customization head after completing tier five
of the challenge.
Adjusted Flying Sera Guardian enemies to properly award experience, activate skills and trigger second wind upon defeat.

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Keep your distance. If you’re doing this solo, shoot and retreat. Especially useful if there are pillars. No shame in running around and bidding time if it means avoiding death and winning. When you get to the Empyreal part, just be ready to get a second wind. I know the guardians are squirrely buggers, but if you’re playing solo, it’s your only hope. That, and if you have the moonstones to do so, grab the health regen moxxtail. It very well could save you.

Personally, I would not recommend fighting at your level and with your level equipment (again, this is just me). Most of the boss fights should be fought at 2 levels lower than what the boss is, with equipment at MOST 4 levels lower. Yes, with the right gear, ability and player skills, you could totally do this 10 levels lower. But I don’t see why you would unless you really want to challenge yourself.

Level up to 48, then go to the golden loot chest. Hopefully you can get a decent grenade (shock is recommended) and 2 decent guns so the ammo in 1 of them doesn’t run out.

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SPOILERS (Suggest moving this thread to Spoilers MB.)

This won’t work in TVHM until after you complete the story missions (of which the Sentinels are the last). Then all of TVHM suddenly scales up to 50, and that Lv-38 Vibra-Pulse jumps to Lv 50. In UVHM, once you go all the way through Felicity Rampant (“Let’s build a robot army”), you can get a new VP at every level.

Yea. There certainly are other options though. I HIGHLY suggest finding a Tediore shock laser or Tediore shock anything. Shoot one bullet, reload aim into the sentinel. Boom, he’s probably lost at least 1/3 his shield (more or less depending on your skill points, stacks, etc).

+1 for check out the other threads and videos. Lots of ways to get this done.

Gotta be leveled up and have decent leveled weapons … same as for pretty much any boss fight.

The 1st phase of the Sentinel and the Zarpedon fight are a lot a like. Get the shield down and dodge the novas.

In TVHM I am always lvl 50 for this fight (actually before turning in Eye 2 Eye as I want Beginning of the End to be lvl 50 reward)/(lvl 60 for UVHM).

For the Sentinel, I use the best shock weapon I have at the time. A purple blaster or splitter laser is my choice, but done it with Fatale SMG. Also shock transfusion grenades … I can’t ever get teslas to work out.

I pretty much just stick with the shock for the 1st phase of the Sentinel. The health seems to go pretty quick anyways once his 3rd shield recharge is knocked off.

Lots of jumping, hiding behind the pillars, dodging novas, and hoping a guardian is close for 2nd winds.

The big Sentinel fight seems easier. Not easy, but easier. Just get on the pillars during the floor shock phases. Run around behind him, if your health get to low. Then just camp under his chin and blast his face.

The 2nd face shield seems to resist shock, so switch to any other weapon for that face shield. The faces themselves seem to also take a lot of damage from anything other than shock, but go fairly quick with any weapon.

The corrosive dot damage is hardest part for me. I always seem to get caught up in it. I just hope for 2nd winds or to have the Sentinels health low enough to finish him off. I guess I could pack a corrosive immunity shield for that part.

he said both the regular sentinel and the emperyean so i presumed he completed TVHM. also why did you hide what you wrote? its fairly common knowledge especially to someone in TVHM. you didnt spoil anything… and nothing anyone seems to be saying is spoiling anything either… mostly strategy and tactics

i also don’t like how if you die and have to re-enter the arena and those opha respawned you cant run past and enter instantly without almost dying because you phase out-enter-phase in all while being attacked on both sides of the damn door!

What bugs me the most about the “outdoor” enemies is that they still show up as blips on your radar after you’ve entered the vault. How many times have I gone into FFYL, turned toward a red dot with an up arrow, looked up expecting a Sera, and nope, nothing there. When I’m not being lazy, I make sure to kill everything outside the vault within radar range to avoid confusion.

haha or the seras fly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the air and you cant see them. but yeah what you said too.

Not sure, but I think a lot of the “getting back to boss fight” delays are to make co-op matches harder to not both be dead at the same time.

Like the laser field for Zarpedon or the long haul back to the Sentinel fight.

You also can’t stay in the respawn room against Deadlift. I guess you have to be past the door “field” thing against Felicity.

However, I guess the elevator shaft against RK5 is okay.

And, yeah those guardians do fly way, way, way up there. Just be dots (so high they escaped Elpis’s gravitational pull … lol!). Out of reach of some of the laser weapons. Of course, I’ve had muggers/scavs do that in regular game play too. But they can still hit me. Arrrgggghh!

I actually had a scav do that in the shock drop slaughter dome, so I sent Wolf and Saint after we cleared out the rest of them and Wolf started booking it into the sky and killed him, he was so small he looked like a star on my screen even through the excalibastard’s scope.

Went back today, after Iwajira-ing for a while and getting to 49… I probably would have been able to do it at 47 had those Sera Wardens been giving me Second Winds :). I also restarted the game so I would log into SHIFT, and get the hot patch, I forgot that I had been doing grinding to get some good weapons for the finish. :smile:

first, make sure you didnt fail badly at athena-ing and put a point into maelstrom.
second, find a tesla grenade, and throw it into his face.
third, laugh.