Several services offered

First and foremost, if you send me an empty/blank friend request I will not accept it. Plain and simple. Now that that’s out of the way let’s begin, shall we?
I love love love Borderlands 2. Pre-sequel? Meh
I’ve been playing since day one on PS3 and just can’t stop. So what does all of this mean??? Well it means I am here to help and am passing the savings on to you. I am currently able to:
Power level
OP8 leveling
Heads and skin drops
Gear drops

I have several rules that I must enforce as well, sorry.
If you join, don’t accept missions, don’t turn in missions. Things are set up a certain way for a reason. I am not always available or may be busy with other people, so if I can’t get to you right away please be patient. So if all of this sounds good and you can comply, send a friend request(along with a message saying where you heard about me and which service you would like) to Lord_Sylton.

Thank you and happy hunting vault hunters.


Hey mate I was just wondering if you had a bladed grog and a twister? I am unable to get a grog now and OOO is impossible to spawn as a solo player? Thanks

Blades grog I know I have. I’ll have to check for the twister but chances are pretty high although not guaranteed. I won’t be back on until tomorrow but go ahead and send a friend request.

Wow that was fast :slight_smile: thanks man. I’m in New Zealand so my time difference is a wee bit, but I’m on quite often.

Lol, yeah if I’m awake I’m usually checking the forums to see if anyone needs my help.

Just sent you a friend request

Thanks mate I hope I catch you on, when I get off work.

I should be in some tomorrow and ill keep a lookout for you

Hey i was wondering if you had a level 50 legendary siren class mod?

I just got one from the loot train. It’s yours if you want it. I’m on most nights at 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami


I need all heads and skins. Do you have them?

Do you have heads and skins for the Pre-Sequel.

Hey looking for a quick power level for my krieg. just started playing borderland 2 on my vita (came with my vita) so i had to buy the handsome jack collection and loving it so far no crashes and smooth framerates. I wanna get to level 50 so i can start ultimate vault hunter mode. And if you have a spare moxxi pistol too it would great, i hear they’re must for krieg.

I’m also looking for people to play bl2 with too. Even tho i’m a few years late

I’m a Lvl 61 commando just started playing online my tag is caucasian_1989

If when ever you have time, would you help me get to level 72? And also provide me with some good gear at those levels as well. Thanks! Im level 59 atm and my psn is RK_Maestro

If you don’t mind fellow vault hunter, I need a flying shock sandhawk or any element at this point I keep getting non elementals also a corrosive lady fist if its no trouble??

Sent a friend request and hopefully will see you soon.

I sent you a friend request with the instructions as noted. I asked for a gear drop because I’m tired of hoping for people to help me speed level my friend. I want to continue the game to op8 with my friend but he’s at 51. He was 22 yesterday though so I feel a bit accomplished.

can anyone help level me to 72, im currently level 56ish. thanks in advance.

my PSN is JSLness

Ok so I turned on my ps4 for the first time in about 2 months and saw that I had 12 friend requests. I have to say that I am extremely busy with school and work and I haven’t been able to play in a very very long time. I apologize for not being on here much. I am currently studying for nursing and practicing as a paramedic so my schedule is very tight and I have no time to play at all. I will try to make another post maybe at the end of this semester, but I can’t make any promises. I do have a friend by the name of dracogates who might be willing to power level and op level you guys. Send him a message and let him know that Lord Sylton sent you and he might help. Thanks for being understanding.

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