Severe LAG - ? Why

Not sure if anyone can explain this, properly, but this has been going on for days.

PS4 - Europe.

The games are basically unplayable, and no matter who I play with, randoms or friends, this is the connection we are getting. Wasn’t like this last week, or previous.

Don’t know, but there was a huge spike in complaints about PSN generally…

I’ve been having lag issues as well at different time of the day. PSN U.S.

Welcome to every match (that goes to completion that is) that most australian players have to play with since launch! Although they are annoying they are not in anyway unplayable in the slightest… unless you want to play melee then prepare for rubberbanding and random moments of immobility haha stay away from melee and lead shots you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Any XBOX :dukecensor: players having issues? PC?

@VaultHunter101 - If the other networks are ok, then yes it would suggest that PSN is playing the dirty on us again. Now and then we get a good connection, but very few over this past week.

Well, there’s always fluctuation in the numbers. The massive spike in the graph for yesterday evening really stands out in comparison to the other networks though - it was about a 3-4X greater number of reports compared to XBL over the same period, for example. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what the cause was: could have been server issues, transit provider issues, fending off a DDoS, the solstice, folks saturating the networks looking for Brexit news…