Severe Mobile Forums Loading / Performance Issues

Not sure if this is the proper section for this.

Couldn’t find a “Site Diecussion” or “Technical Support” category.

Basically, these forums (essentially always but it seems to have gotten a lot worse recently) are a huge pain in the butt to load / refresh on both google Chrome and Safari on my iPhone, ios7.

Sometimes I’ll have to refresh / reload / re navigate back to the forums via google ten or twenty times before any actual text or information other than the background Image for any given forum section will load.

Then I’ll get 5-10 minutes of proper reading / navigating time in before the cycle will repeat itself.

VERY frustrating.

Does anyone else experience this?

Any tips / advice?

(Note - this happens even when I select “Desktop Mode”, albeit slightly less frequently)

Thanks in advance for any help.

I occasionally have issues on desktop where the site becomes slow and even unresponsive, to the point of actually requiring me to restart my browser (Firefox). My guess is a script-related issue? Most of the actual tech issues discussion for Discourse seems to be on the official Discourse forums.

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This isn’t about Discourse, this is about these forums.

Oh, wait, is Discourse the system or whatever that these forums are hosted on / ran by?


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I don’t have this problem, but it does seem to think that my own posts and comments are new and send me notifications, which is quite odd

I have the s7 edge and I never have issues

You guys are lucky.

I had to refresh this page literally 12 times just now just to read your replies.

I sometimes get a dark grey screen on my S5, but closing the tab and reopening rather painlessly fixes it. Ever since my phone formatted itself, I haven’t had the problem though. I wonder if it’s related?

I only have issue with some of the pics. Oddly, it’s usually @FunkJunkie, IIRC…

I experience this from time to time as well on my iPhone 7. Last night there was an unusual message that stated “This site is currently in read mode only”

I’ve started using iPhone Google Chrome just for the forums and haven’t had a problem with it since.

That’s the message you get if you try to access the site during nightly maintenance. I think it’s backing up the database (or something like that). It usually doesn’t persist very long - a simply reload some minutes later and that message has disappeared.

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Got an error message the other day, something like 503 about Discord…