Severe Motion Sickness Caused by Exaggerated head bobbing/ Camera shake when Sprinting

Like the title says. Just got the game. I adjusted the FOV to my Preference after a few minutes I get this extreme urge to vomit. The exaggerated Head bob/Cam shake when sprinting is unbearable. Please add an option to disable it for the love of Gaben. I can’t be the only person getting sick playing this. Does anyone know of a tweak in the settings to see if it can be disabled? I’m not the only one. There’s people on The Steam Forums talking about it.

There used to be an .ini tweak for it…pretty sure. I’d check WillowEngine.ini first but my memory is pretty fuzzy.

The only tweak i’ve seen close to this has to do with weapon sway. which unfortinately doesn’t address the problem with the head bobbing/Camera Shake. what some people are resorting to do is switching weapons constantly by scrolling the mouse wheel For some reason that gets rid of the the camera shaking/Head Bob when sprinting. It gets old after a while.

I too get terrible motion sickness trying to play this game, specifically the head and weapon bob while running. Changing the FOV doesn’t help, and none of the ini or other tweaks suggested actually work. Come on Gearbox, just add an option to disable it! I’m not holding out much hope since the same issue was brought up multiple times after the original release, and GB didn’t do anything about it with this new version.