Severely nerfed weapons

I spent alot of time farming my mid 40’s LVL weapons cache and I was happy w it. I came back a couple hours later to a severely nerfed collection of weapons. Well over half of em. For example I had a hellshock pistol and it was 700x2 now it’s 290 total. Ten gallon was 350, now it’s 189,breath of the dying was 444 now it’s 320 and there’s plenty more. Long story short I’m pretty bummed out about it. But more than anything I’m wondering if there is a way I can revert back to the old specs ? I tried going offline but it didn’t help

Wait in main menu for a hotfix.

Yep, sounds like a classic hotfix issue.

What exactly is a hotfix ?

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Fixes that gearbox put in place to solve issues like balancing etc,just wait at the main menu till you see the sign in the background before loading in

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Wait at the main menu and you should hear a ping sound to let you know. Plus in the bottom left corner you should see a date which shows that hotfix is applied. Hotfixes are usually once a week on Thursday, so it should show last Thursday date. (Not confusing at all!) :slight_smile:

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Gearbox keeps the game updated in two ways: hotfixes and patches.

When you first start the game, it phones home and checks for any live hotfixes. If there is a live one, it downloads it and updates the game accordingly. These are temporary, quick fixes that are deployed on the fly. There are a lot more steps involved in making and deploying a patch, so this lets them get fixes out quicker (and retract them as quickly if there’s an issue).

When starting the game, you may need to give it a moment to actually retrieve and apply the hotfix, which you will know worked if you see the “Hotfix applied” sign behind your character on the first start menu. It will disappear normally after a couple minutes, so if you start the game and leave for a bit, you might miss it even though the hotfix was applied. What’s nice about hotfixes is they can be deployed on the fly, so if they roll something out that absolutely breaks game functions, they can simply turn it off, and a game restart fixes the issue.

A patch is a bundle of fixes that are deployed through your game platform as a permanent, one-time update to the game code. These tend to be bigger, and include some of the items previously covered with hotfixes (so the hotfixes can remain small and quick deployments for current fixes). Hotfixes also let them test some of their fixes before committing them to an actual patch, which is much harder to undo if something goes wrong.

It’s possible that someone can start the game and hop in before the hotfixes are applied, which is our suspicion about your issue.


The only thing I would add to @Adabiviak’s thorough reply is that you can see the date of the currently applied hotfix in the rotating news items in the bottom-left panel on your main menu. You can view the latest hotfix notes in the BL3 News section - the date of release will be in the thread title.

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Here’s a shot with both Hotfix indicators:


What I said. :rofl:

My level 22 “breath of the dying” got nerfed from 223 dmg to 78 between august 16 and 18.