SH4D0-TP Farming?

I know that SH4D0-TP can have a chance of dropping legendaries so one day I tried to farm him. I have tried to get him to spawn, but Whenever I get to The Cortex, He is NEVER there! ECLIPSE and EOS let’s me spawn but the Cortex never spawns SH4D0-TP. Is this happening to anyone else??? Can I get some help??? Im on Xbox-360 btw.

He’s a random spawn in the mutator arena. I had him show up once in about 6 tries so far. What level/mode are you on? If you want co-op partners, try checking/posting in the TPS 360 On-line category.

shadow trap shows up on level 9 mutator arena randomly. im not sure if he is on lower difficulties though.

He is.

Im on True Vault Hunter

@vaulthunter101 I’m using the TVH Mode

I’ve had him spawn on the default (initial) level (1 I guess?). Can’t remember if it was normal or true (most likely true) but definitely wasn’t ultimate. Good luck!

I’ve had him spawn on Normal and UVHM. He has spawned randomly for the third wave on every level i’ve played at. Although, I do cringe a little if I have to fight him at 8 or 9