Shadaloo Stylish? (lv. 50 legendaries in exchange!)

Been looking for this head forever. If you have it, I can offer:

Reactive Conference Call
Punitory Norfleet
Inflammable The Bee
Blood of Terramorphous
Liquid Pitchfork
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Loaded Hornet
Redundant Logan’s Gun
Whisky Tango Foxtrot

I have a couple OP2 and OP8 weapons too, if interested.

I have one but I’m only really looking for the Alkaline Mistress head or some fairly rare skins in return.

Alkaline is easy enough to get (apparently) but I’ve had no luck whatsoever.

If you stumble across it in your travels then I have then I’ll gladly trade down for Shad :slight_smile:

I believe I can help you both! Im looking for some Op 8 gear :slight_smile:


I’m on my first character at 61 so I’m not quite there yet :stuck_out_tongue:

If and when I get there though I’ll keep a heads up for you :slight_smile:

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oh… :slight_smile: you’re not there yet? its alright m8 do you have any character skins? im pretty flexible.

That sucks man, I juuuuust had an extra alkaline mistress. (I’m actually looking for this head for the same friend I gave the alkaline mistress to. Figures, right?) If I run by another one, I’ll definitely message you.

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I have some OP8 gear stashed along my saves from people who basically dropped in to my game and dropped it, stuff like a fire infinity and a bee shield if you’re interested?

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I’m at 68, pushing for 72 tomorrow hopefully.

Had several maxed characters on ps3 until my ps3 broke down and this was before the update to 72 so I lost everything, been slowly whittling away at getting myself back up to where I was with gear/customization stuff. :slightly_smiling:

I’ve heard a LOT of stories like mine, haha.

Thanks too, if I have anything you need it’s totally yours :slight_smile:

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No worries, add me up and I’ll drop you shad no charge :slight_smile:

Just pay it forward :slight_smile:


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:slight_smile: Generosity is how I got as far as I am now. Im from the xbox world… I had just about all my characters at level 70. Until one dayI went to turn on my 360 to load up my game, then bam I got a error message, stating that my hard drive had been corrupted 0_0. Lost everything… 3 months later made the jump to Ps4 , then 2 months later I was back in biz, because of generosity. :slight_smile:


The Borderlands community is pretty awesome for that, back on PS3 I had close to 10 people I was constantly pooling resources with to get us and the community what they needed, always in trades and used to run giveaway threads constantly for heads/skins.

Will again once I have more stuff, I’ve got almost everything worth having for siren plus quite a few rare heads and skins for other characters now but quite a ways to go.

I still can’t believe I can’t find a bloody Alkaline Mistress, I’ve had 2 cold steel and 1 Kawaii killer drop after someone traded me my first one and still no blue head?

Used to find them ceaselessly on PS3 :confused:

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I found an alkaline mistress head yesterday powerleveling. You are welcome to it. The thing is that i won’t be able to get online until tomorrow afternoon. I am pacific time in US.

It’s okay, Handsome777 tossed me one :smiley:

Thanks a super bunch though :smiley:

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