Shadow-TP 2nd set of head drops (Trickster heads)

I’ve been looking through reddit and this forum a lot and not once have I read that anyone got any trickster head from shadow-tp, which he supposedly drops. Does he really drop them? Have been farming him for so long in the mutator arena that he dropped all normal head customizations, such as
-CMPU-TP for Claptrap
-Cable Ties for Wilhelm
-Born to Kill for Athena
-Pith Posh for Aurelia
-Beardy Double for ‘Jack’
-Captain Dredd for Nisha
but not once any trickster head. Even Vermivorous was more generous at spawning und dropping his head skins (which I got completely). Some people speculate that he drops the heads only during the story skill (in the arena) but no one can confirm it?

I can confirm tha he can drop Trickster head and don’t think it’s Story only. It’s just rare drop.