Shadow TP a Boss? Yes!

So I was doing level 4 on the mutator and found Shadow TP on the third round. What a pain. His shield is massive and takes a little while to remove. Once gone it is time to destroy is health. But I can only get an 1/8 of it down before he disappears. He then gets is full shield back (lame). I did this: destroy shield then get a little health down, bit until his total health was about half gone. Now I have zero ammo and realized this was not going to happen. Anyone have a strat that would help?


Did not do the mutator arena again.

I have since found out getting Shadow TP is random, so I may try again and just bail if I get him.

That took longer than Eclipse and EOS combined for me to take out Shadow TP. He eventually glitched into the floor and was stuck … or I really would have just had to give up … but as it turned out I could gather ammo and start again … still … took … for … ev … er.

If you locate him soon enough after teleporting, you can disrupt or even prevent his shields from recharging.

Different classes have different means to track him.

  • Wilhelm: laser guided. Time the action skill in a way so that Shadowtp is marked when he is about to teleport. The mark can be seen even through obstacles.
  • Aurelia: frost shard / frost bite mark. Same as with Wilhelm, the indicator over the targets head can be seen through obstacles.
  • Jack: Compound interest. Keep switching guns on him to keep that mark going.
  • all other classes: keep DoTs going on him, the damage numbers are visible through obstacles.

When he teleports, look around for your mark, rush there and keep pounding on him. There are ammo crates everywhere that will refresh. Use them if needed.

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Use corrosive DOT, lasts 8 seconds, and when he teleports you can find him by looking for the damage numbers. Don’t give him time to recharge his shields. ZX-1 stays on him for a while too but he resists fire. I’d say just avoid higher difficulties solo, or just kill yourself if shadow-tp appears. Sadly the increased drop rate only applies to the chests at the end. I play at level 3, he’s alright then. I have a shock hail and a viral marketer, he doesn’t like them.

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Does he have a chance to drop anything good if you can manage to kill him? Does his normal loot pool come into effect?

got a laser disker on my first kill on him.

Got this from a lvl 9 difficulty shadow tp today!

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1-3: Just shoot him alot
4-6: Shoot him a lot, preferably have a ZX1 for finding him when he teleports
7-8: same as 4-6, but you are probably better off doing another round
9: save, quit, and hope fate is kinder to you next time. 999 maelstrom, unrelenting, elemental barrage and a badaboom doesn’t scratch him. as a comparison, it wrecks the sentinel, and kills EOS relatively fast.

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Don’t let his shields regen. Keep giving him damage over time. When he teleports go find him again via the damage you’ve tagged him with. Shock until his shield is out. Acid when his shield is gone.

Yea, it’s hard but that’s my method.

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If you ask me it’s easier than most methods. Everyone has a corrosive weapon. Only time I ever lose him is if I go down right when he teleports and I get distracted or take too long to get a 2nd wind.
What’s more, if you’ve got the fast hands mutator, keeping him corroded is easy as pie even with his shields, or weapon-switching classes.

wow! :flushed: just epic!!