Shadow Trap Glitched

I was playing the Claptrap DLC and I beat the first go around with Shadow Trap. I was too weak to beat the 2nd battle with him and left. Now it wont let me back in to fight him. When I go to the fast travel network Deck 13 is gone and the entrance to the boss is closed. Help??

Had that same issue myself last night. I know someone posted about it previously but I can’t find it…

Okay found it! It looks like you’ll have to walk all the way back and kill Eclipse/Eos before Deck 13 1/2 will show up on fast travel again

Eclipse/Eos is in the area called Deck 13.5, which is a different area than the Deck 13 1/2 that appears on the Fast Travel Network before starting and after finishing the DLC. Deck 13.5 is the digitally created fake version of Deck 13 1/2 that Shadowtrap created to trick the vault hunter.

To reach Deck 13.5 you have to travel through the Cortex on foot.