Shadow Trap Heads

Hey folks. Can anyone tell me where exactly the Shadow Trap heads drop from one TPS?

I have been farming the mutator arena for so long and I only seem to get the Beardy Double head drop from Shadow Trap. Never seen the Trickster Mask drop for any other class either.

Any confirmation would be great because at this point, the grind is wearing thin. Thanks for any insight :slight_smile:

the only source to get that Head its Shadow-trap,which is a very rare drop.

Any idea which form? There is the story boss, then the story Eclipse and EOS and then the mutator.

I’m guessing it is more likely to get it to drop from his Story Mission first fight as I’ve not ever seen the blue rarity heads drop from him in the mutator arena.

I’ll have to play through the dlc again on TVHM and just close the app Elster killing him during the story and see if that speeds it up. Better than grinding the Mutator I suppose!

Thanks for the reply anyway.

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Any level supposedly. I farmed for years no drop not one of the trickster heads. I put a ticket in to get answers. They told me that it is a rare drop at any difficulty. I believe it is bugged on ps3 and 4. I wouldn’t waste your time. It is a legendary drop color so if you keep farming if you don’t see gold redo. I would farm at easiest difficulty so you can kill him quick.

Sorry man I Don’t know about that.