Shadowtrap Head

So Claptrap has a SHD0-TP head, which just looks like Shadowtrap.

Only issue is, it looks like Shadowtrap in prison. Not the shadowtrap which is out of quarentine. Did anyone find a non-prison one?

That’s the only one there is. There is no head for Claptrap that makes him look 100% like Shadowtrap.

Hmm… alright. Thanks.

Do you know any skin which has the same color as Shadowtrap? (Black & White)

How do I get this head?

You get his wheel which is the cool part anyway

How is the head acquired? I couldn’t find anything via google.

Shadowtrap’s wheel is the standard Fragtrap wheel. At least I think…

I don’t know. I don’t have it, I only saw a screenshot of it from a friend. I guess it drops from Shadowtrap?

Maybe “BlackBox” could work, only reason it wouldn’t be a 100% match is cause I don’t think it has any white on it.

your right. the only differences between the fragtrap and normal claptraps are the wheel, and he has thumbs instead of clamps.

It’s different