ShadowTrap is my new most hated boss fight in the series

Sure he’s a big enough target, but its a constant bombardment and if I’m ever downed, my screen is nothing but strobe lights from all the fire from him and his drones, so I can’t see anything to get a Second Wind.

Very frustrating, if only because I just can’t SEE anything the entire time.

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I think the Sentinel fight is the most annoying because he has 6 total phases to pass through.

Only the first phase is annoying because he’s so skinny he’s hard to actually hit, but he’ll almost never hit you.

The giant sentinel is probably the easiest boss in the game. Just get up under his chin with a shotgun and blast his face repeatedly, then win.

do you need help? im also stuck on him, if your still stuck then add me on steam (xShroomsy) and we can do it together lol

I did manage to beat him (twice now), but wouldn’t mind somebody else to play with on T and UVHM. (I want to solo Normal with each just to make sure that I hear all the character responses/dialogue).

I’ll add you on Steam.

I don’t share the same experiences with most players since I literally never play any mission in any Borderlands game alone (I have my girlfriend with me all the time) so we get to save each other in a pinch.

But if I had to label 5 DLC bosses in the series I loathe, they would be:
5: Piston’s Zeppelin (Torgue DLC of BL2): Have to hide where I first came from to avoid near ceaseless bombardment.

4: Motor Momma: (Torgue DLC): Just a rocket enemy on a bike then on foot… Fun…

3: ECLIPSE (Claptastic Voyage of TPS): Too many missiles…

2: M.I.N.A.C. (Robolution DLC of BL1) I can’t tell what he’s attacking with half the time!

1: Badassasuarus (Torgue DLC) Deflects bullets, has nukes, and is piloted by the most annoying antagonist I have ever dealt with in Borderlands and quite possibly in any game I have played sans No More Heroes 2…

If I had a top 10 I think ShadowTrap would be number 10 due to having too much health…

I’d rank the Jackenstein as #0 then. Sure, it’s not so cheap as the Badassassuarus, but it’s also got no real health bar. SHooting at it’s power coils kill it, but you can’t see how much health it has left per core.

Voracidous ranks in at -38 on the Top 10 Worst Bosses.

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Personally I find Raid/Superbosses too easy to hate for me to put them in my lists of hated bosses.
If I did my list would be:
10: The Totem related Raid Boss in the Hammerlock DLC… Forgot it’s name.
9: Piston’s Zeppelin
8: Voracidous
7: Master Gee
6: M.I.N.A.C.
5: Voracidous
4: Voraciduos
3: Voracidous
2: Badassasuarus
1: Voracidous

Pete the Invincible from BL2 has got to be mentioned as well. What a pain in the ass fight and nearly impossible to kill.

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I don’t really enjoy boss fights. I prefer waves of enemies with real bada$$es interspersed among the mobs( Finks, Circle of Slaughter ,etc.)

Farm bosses strictly for loot ( EOS, Sentinel, Verm, Terra, Handsome Sorcerer, Baddasourus)

Shadow Trap is a pita, usually just keep hitting him with acid, so I can track him.

Yeah, I agree I don’t like boss fights.
I really hate this “it’s not dead, kill it again… and now it’s stronger” gimmick.
And for ShadowTrap it just doesn’t end.

I had killed the shadow TP yesterday, thought I’d see the final scene and finish the DLC… And the devs told me “f*ck you, you will know pain and frustration”.
So I kill Eclipse who had the good idea to have an exposed critical point to shoot at, and then EOS.

Most of the time you’re drowned under fire, there are bots everywhere, and if you aim for the eye, it’s not open so you can’t shoot it. Even the tuerrts can take an immense amount of damage before exploding.
At some point I found a sheltered place where I killed its turrets one by one… Until they all came back, shot me, and there were no bugs to kill to get second wind. I quit.

Ah yes, and also, if you have to quit the area, you have to get through all the subconscious again to retry the fight.

Seriously, I get the feeling the devs hate me for getting the DLC.

lol…never though of that. he does disappear a lot. follow the green acid fumes bubbling from the top of Shadow-Craps head. LOL