Shadowtrap tips?

Getting back into this game with the Claptastic Voyage DLC, and I’m having major trouble on the final boss.

  1. How can I differentiate between the clones and the real one besides just running around and shooting them all? These aren’t like Jack’s clones in the BL2 fight, where breathing on them will take them out–these are decently healthy and take just those few seconds too long to kill.

  2. What causes his shield to regenerate after he teleports? Is there a way to halt this process in any way?

  3. Is there a limit to the number of times he can regenerate his shield?

  1. The real one will have less (shield)hp displayed so if you find one without any shields or have damage to hp but not shields that’s more than likely the real one
  2. You haven’t hit him within a short enough time, seems to be about the same amount of length of time as most other shielded enemies
  3. Probably not so once he teleports look for one without a shield or a regening shield! Also, I think he usually teleports to the other side of the arena when he does teleport so you can usually ignore the Shadowtraps that are nearby cause they’re fakes…
  1. Clones have full health and shields. Usually he teleports far away. Various classes have various “marks” that can be used to track the real one (eg Wilhelm’s laser targeting, Jack’s compound interest, Athena’s bleed damage numbers).
    The ZX-1 also homes in on the real one, remember, the homing effect lasts until reload
    It’s simplest to just keep him corroded, it’s the longest status effect (after bleed) and he’s weak to it once his shields are down. Damage numbers can be seen through walls

  2. Regular recharge delay. Keep damaging him. As I said above, corrosion is your friend

  3. No limit, so stay on top of him

Also here are all the links again from your other thread

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What class are you? Im a claptrap and if you are Id recommend using the explosive build with the flakker abd it wrecks him XD.

  1. I’m not certain but I think the clone shields are much lower in capacity. As you fight Shadowtrap initially, take note of how much of his shield you take away in about 3 seconds. If you are fighting a clone and the clone shield goes down too quickly, that’s how you know.

  2. Shield recharge delay. Probably around 10-15 seconds.

  3. Probably not. I assume it works just like any shield you have.

Corrosive DOT is going to be very useful. It lasts longer to prevent shield recharge delay and you can follow him by the damage ticks.

If you’re playing as aurelia, this thread might help.