Shahnaz's Battleborn Tier List

Hey people, since I’ve reached lvl 100, I had a lot of time to see and play multiple characters and see their strengths and weaknesses. Even though I dislike tiers lists as a whole, I find them effective to spot what works and what doesn’t and give general advice to improve on heroes we find lackluster.

I’m aware there are other tier lists on the forum, the reason why I wanted to make mine is because I either find them outdated or inaccurate.

Remember that this is my personal opinion based on actual experience fighting with and/or against these champions. ANY HEROES LISTED WITH A STAR ( * ) ARE HEROES THAT I DID NOT PLAY. I BASE MY OPINION ON WHAT I SAW WHEN FIGHTING WITH OR AGAINST THEM

Shahnaz’s Tier List

A Tier

  • Alani
    Alani shouldn’t be mistaken for a full support; she is most able to hold her own as a pusher, and can be incredibly annoying for melee characters. Her Q packs an heal, pushback, slow, aoe damage and a source of Osmosis regeneration for the burst heals. She has great balance between her skills once she gets a few levels in, and her E is devastating in a teamfight. The ult makes her able to 1v1 a lot of people due to his massive damage. A very strong hero overall, and even stronger with another support such as Miko or Kleese.

  • Galilea
    Even though she got nerfed, Gali did not lose much of what made her terrifying. She still has her incredible versatility with a stun, heal block, silence, slow, pull, damage and survival skills. She does require a support to function to maximum capacity, but is still one of the best champion in the game. Just, not as broken as before.

  • ISIC
    Even with the nerf ISIC hasn’t lost his incredible damage potential. His charge beam has better accuracy than most snipers (Looking at you Marquis and Thorn) and even though he is an easy target, he can still win sniper wars. The slow he gets at H5 makes him a nightmare for everyone, and his AoE stun, pretty much makes him the best 1v1 hero in the game.

  • Kleese
    The reason Kleese is in the A tier is because he can create zones that are incredibly hard to break through, and the fact he can support multiple positions at the same time with his rifts makes him probably the best support in the game starting at H5. His big hitbox compensates for that, but with the new hero Alani, makes an incredible support combo that balances each other.

  • Marquis*
    What makes Marquis A tier is the fact that the better the player, the more incredible he becomes. He can support pretty much any lane for a long distance and any attempts to kill him will have you go deep into his territory, and even then, he can escape easily with his speed and small hitbox.

  • Miko*
    No nerfs changes the fact that when Miko is healing something, that something doesn’t die. Miko is the best substain healer in the game, and forces any team to fully commit to a kill or lose the long engagements. ‘‘Kill the Miko’’ is probably the phrase you’ve heard the most in this game, and with good reason; combined with Montana or Galilea, they become very hard to break without good teamwork.

  • Thorn*
    Her small hitbox combined with her bunny jumps makes her one of the most annoying harassers in the game. She can snipe, clear minions, AoE slow and burst really well, while staying alive with her super bunny skills. She does require experience, has her skill cap is quite high, but she rewards it with a great hero that can carry a game by herself.

B Tier

  • Benedict
    Incredible damage output, mobility and waveclear is compensated with low health and a medium hitbox. Benedict has access to parts of the map no other champions can get to, and pretty much nullify any melee champions from reaching him, giving him great advantages on maps like Paradise. He does fall to Marquis, Thorn and ISIC (and other accurate shooters), who can snipe him out of his nest.

  • Boldur
    Fastest man alive, what makes Boldur great is his ability to zoom around the map and being a general annoyance. He has the best shield in the game, and a good Boldur is very hard to kill. He does have problems leveling up early game, but given the time, he starts to increasingly become stronger. Still, you need a somewhat competent team backing you up, or you’ll end up teleporting to base often.

  • El Dragon*
    He almost fell to C, but his insane DPS combined with his AoE stun/ Wave clear give him a well balanced core. He hits hard, but is also squishy and a fat hitbox. Slows doesn’t really affect him all that much and he has a lot of different skills to use which are practical in fights. Give him a good support and his weaknesses aren’t that troublesome anymore.

  • Ghalt
    Another high skill cap champion. Ghalt does lose a bit of momentum due to his slow speed and fat hitbox, but makes it up with good players. Great territorial control and has the fastest melee strike in the game. His ult could use a bit of love though.

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin has the potential to jump to A tier, but being a 100% melee character holds him back. His incredible initiation will be deadly with good teamwork, but having to farm all the time makes him predictable. He has problems killing people that knows how to knock you back and will generally get harassed out of lane if focused. Make sure you have a support or you’ll end up having a bad time.

  • Mellka
    Mellka is a hero that can pretty much do a bit of everything. The ‘‘Jack of all trade, master of none’’ , but still deadly in everything she does. She is a good assassin, harasser, pusher and can roam around the map picking off low-health players easily. Her poison gives her the ability to delay your enemies even more by delaying their shield recharge, and starting at H8, she becomes a nightmare to everything in her crosshair. She his held back by her lack of CC, which requires her to be very close to your opponent. She’s also the only hero with the capability of reload cancelling, which is great.

  • Montana
    Incredible initiation, health pool, waveclear and DPS on fat hitboxes. A Montana with a Miko behind creates an indestructible wall of muscle that is hard to take down. Oh, he can reduce incoming damage too, ain’t that nice. His weaknesses, beside his gigantic hitbox, are tiny champions like Thorn or Marquis that eats him alive. Goes into any team, and is able to carry them. Literally.

  • Orendi*
    Your typical squishy burst mage. Orendi’s speed and frame makes her hard to kill but still squishy overall. She can waveclear easily and finish most weakened champions easily. She does require skills to play though.

  • Oscar Mike
    Almost A tier. What pulls Oscar Mike back is the fact that most of his damage is in an AoE zone, which can be avoided by good players. Still, his ability to stop a push and kill minions makes him a very good choice on any team, and an incredible sentry killer. He does have a lack of CC though.

  • Phoebe
    Probably the best Melee assassin in the game right now, Phoebe can jump on anyone, slow them for days, kill them and escape rather easily. The small movement her Right-Click gives is enough to juke a lot of things and stay on targets after they pushes you back. She’s pretty good at breaking the backline and killing Mikos.

  • Shayne and Aurox*
    Overall great solo tank, SaA works well as a disrupter and surprise attacks. His big frame is compensated by the fact they can go invisible, and since most of your skills will recharge your skills at a later Helix, it makes them a great substain champion that can come back into the fray rapidly. A bit of skill is required for Fetch, but the hitbox is big enough. With a slow, shield steal and stun don’t the Helix path, they are a great skirmisher and backline assassin.

  • Toby*
    Once you unlock his legendary, Toby becomes a monster. If nobody takes the time to destroy his shield everytime it’s up, Toby will wreck havoc unto any team with his gigantic damage. But that’s his main problem. On maps that require moving around, he will generally succeed in one lane, but struggle a bit moving around to support mutiple lanes like other snipers. His huge damage is mitigated by his huge frame and rather medium health. On a good team however, his stuns will kill you easily.

C Tier

  • Ambra*
    She lost a lot over the patches; she can still do well at pushing, but her chasing capabilities took a hit with the loss of slow on aimbot. She’s still great at surviving, and she has no problems keeping up on levels. She’s also a good defender with her ult; which can be used for great territory control and at H10 becomes one of the best ults in the game with the AoE stun. The support role doesn’t fit her that well; she’s better used with another support and as a pusher/ duelist there are better choices sadly. She does redeem herself later on once she unlocks her H7 mutation however.

  • Caldarius*
    He’s a good skirmisher, and can flee really well, but that’s about it. Caldarius suffer usually when people are good at aiming. No matter how fast you spam that space bar left and right, you usually lose duels due to his medium damage and no CC except a blind that doesn’t last long enough. His waveclear abilities is pretty bad too, pushing him down in C tier. He is great at finishing fleeing enemies.

  • Deande*
    The major problem with Deande is not with the player himself, but mostly who is he fighting against. The fact that your double is obvious (Red glowing eyes) makes it a gimmick that only works with players that are unaware of her mechanics, and as an assassin she is quite lackluster. She has problems chasing until H5, and even then you can easily just knock her back or use your espace skill. She does work well with more CC oriented characters since her damage is actually quite decent. But she can easily be replaced by someone like Phoebe.

  • Rath*
    Yes, C Tier. Rath is a great one-trick pony, but that ends here. If he misses his E, there is not much he can do. No escape skills, extremely weak to CC, even more so than other melees due to how he works. In a teamfight, he usually gets shut down and without his E he will lose most 1v1 fights. Some characters are pretty much immune to his combo (Mellka and Thorn come to mind). Still, his combo does tremendous amounts of damage and he can severely punish mispositions. He doesn’t need much to climb to B tier, maybe a bit of movement speed, or CC resistance.

  • Reyna
    It pains me to put Reyna at C tier. I believe she is a tiny bit underwhelming at the moment, because her fighting capabilities all depends on having allies around. You need a competent team to play as her, or her potential get wasted. She cannot push a wave, and her pistol has a lot of damage falloff, making her a mid range character. The aimbot is pretty strong though, even though it comes at a loss of precious CC, and her ultimate counters a lot of ultimates, such as Oscar Mike’s. Very close to B tier, she just needs a tiny bit of love.

  • Whiskey Foxtrot
    A late game bloomer with a couple issues. His Scrap Cannon is not accurate, you’re forced to aim with the bottom of the crosshair instead of the center. His Triple threat adds animation and take even more time to fire, and his ultimate has massive delay before and after, and can get silenced. His good points starts to show when he hits H6, and his legendary is incredibly good. Overall a good champion that requires tuning on his animations rather than number to climb to B tier.

D Tier

  • Attikus*
    Awkward charge system, which doesn’t have any Helix support. Attikus is a bruiser with a lot of bruises. He’s fat, his Q is awkward to use and get stuck on a grain of sand, and doesn’t offer much to the team in terms of gameplay. Unless there is a wall, most of the time you’ll engage with Q and push them back to safety. Your only CC besides that requires a full charge (which means you can’t jump in with Q without wasting it) meaning his whole kit counters itself. He’s in a bad spot and the only champion I consider a complete waste in a team.

So there you go.

I will keep this updated as much as I can, you can expect things to change as I gain more experience with the game.

I accept all kind of constructive criticism, as long as you keep within the rules of the forum. Have a good day.

UPDATE: May 29 2016
Added Alani to A-tier, changed the description of Boldur and Ambra


Nice job! I’ve played all characters, some more than others, and would agree with everything. The interesting thing about having gear and helix choices is battleborn jump tiers at time with the right combo. However as a base line you are on the money with the tier descriptions. As a Kelvin fanatic you pointed out the two things that are most frustrating about him; early on if the opposing team focuses you it will yank you out of lane and prevent you from chomping and growing, and without support it takes until mid game for you to be able to hold your own…even then it’s rough with certain heroes.

I agree with most of this. The two BB that stand out as misplaced are Ambra and maybe Attikus. IMO Ambra is B/B+ even with all the nerfs. She is very viable in a 2 sup comp as she is capable of pretty good heailng, pretty massive burst damage, and almost impossible to kill. After level 7 with all her mutations and legendary she is very hard to deal with.

I see you have a star by her and this was expected. To be good with Ambra isn’t as brain dead as it was in the beta and requires her mutations to be truly outrageous. I would take a deeper look into her and adjust accordingly. I honestly find her as good or better than Kleese in most situations; and when they are the 2 sup on the team you have two very strong nests.

Ambra has the best knockback in the game, 100+ heal/sec to multiple team mates at level 3, good ult, god tier survivability, speed, small hit box, spam-able AOE ranged attack at level 6/7, etc.

Edit: Don’t know enough about Attikus to comment, but have heard great things about his mid to late game.

Edit 2: At level 3 Ambra can sufficiently heal a lane/team(mutation)…at Level 4 a good Ambra will not allow her team mates to die from a melee character the rest of the game(knockback mutation)…at level 5 nearly unkillable(flame shield speed)…at level 7…ranged AOE attack that can be used 24/7…It is often the case that Ambra will stay on level with the enemy up until 7 and then before you know it she is at level 10, surpassing all. This is due to the wave clear she gains with the ranged attack. It can be brutal.

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Toby is hampered by an immobile shield that acts as a billboard - I’m pretty sure it says in large glowing letters “kill me please”. That shield doesn’t stop a number of things, like Ghalt’s hooks or Shayne’s fetch, and has low health. I’d drop him a tier.

I keep seeing Benedict has a rather high position, but honestly i dont see why. While he does good damage per hit, he fires slow, with slow travel speed, with a slow reload, with low ammo count.

His abilities dont really seem all that great either. His homing skill takes awhile to fire, and slow travel speed make it hard to land, and even then its only 2-3 rockets to follow up (assuming you have 2-3 ammo left).

I just feel like everything he can do, every other character can do better (other then his jump skill). I have yet to see a Benedict have any major impact on a game, either on my team or the enemy team (including when i played him).

His DPS is rather low on sheets like the BB Bible, because they are taking the reload into consideration. However, there are ways around this. There is a trick that basically makes it to where you never have to reload, more or less doubling his DPS. People who have figured this out often list him higher than people who haven’t.

I dig this quite a bit. Well done! I’m not completely sure I agree with Ambra being tier C considering I can personally still wreck with her and have seen many people wreck with her. I can see where the idea came from though.

Looks great.

@ssfjustin Do you have Ambra as C as well on yours?

Even if he never had to reload, or his reload was a full reload, he just doesnt seem very good. His rockets are easy to dodge and travel so slow that you have to be in close-mid range to have any chance of landing it on an opponent that isnt standing still.

I will admit though i havent played him that much, maybe 4 games i think. But I still havent even seen a Benedict that has had a major impact on the game.

I’m in the same boat. Gave up after a few games bc I couldn’t get the rockets down, but I have seen him singlehandledly clear both lanes on meltdown pretty much all game from the safety of a perch. I think if you put the effort in to master him he can be extremely useful to a team.

Eventually I want to git gud with him.

Edit: I think his primary function is wave clear, turret clear, and shard control. Not necesarily killings opponents. Although that 500 dmg ult can’t hurt.

I have Ambra in the balance tier as of now or B. I’m a bit on the fence with her because I remember when she first rolled out, she was an unstoppable monster but With all the nerfs, I can’t tell if shes falling off to C tier or actually fulfilling her role as a support/versatile character. Playing and Watching a character go from a cold blooded killer to support really makes it hard for me to find a placement for her. Did she lose that much damage or is she doing what a support suppose to do?

Well she is basically doing what Alani does with heals, but with damage. Use Attacks to build heat and then deal 500-700 dmg using it. With her knockback, fuel sunspot, and mini rocket AOE ranged attack mutation she’s capable of 100+ heals per second to multiple team mates, better version of Benedicts’s rockets for wave clear, plus ultimate survivability and sustain for herself.

If you engage with heat, then solar wind, that’s like 1000 dmg at level 1 in the time it takes to use it. Plus, her healing and utility…

Im obviously bias, but objectively with all the above her kit is still quite strong and def has a place.

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Hey, nice comments so far. I like that a lot.

I guess I already knew that people would talk to me about Ambra being in C tier (I also expect Rath to come up in the conversation down the lane) and here’s my solution: I haven’t played with or against good Ambra players so far. If you are on PC, add me on Steam and I’ll gladly play with you. I’ll leave it to you to convince me she’s better than what I think.

For Benedict; He’s a great annoyance. You can easily snipe Thumper turrets from the beginning since your rockets doesn’t lose damage, he’s also a great SURPRISE MOTHER F****R champion, meaning he can jump on someone unaware and burst him down really fast. His presence alone forces you to look in the air more often than you’d be comfortable with.

And for his rocket speed, take it this way: Team Fortress 2’s Soldier uses a rocket launcher, and he’s in the top classes in the game. Take into account that Benedict cannot hurt himself with rockets. His reload problems can be easily fixed at H3 and with a white Reload speed gear (White is the best for him, but Vyn’s Quiver is also pretty good.)

EDIT: My Steam name is Shahnaz. It might also be LionKingMax. Just look for the same avatar.

No PC unfortunately. You should read some guides (mine or others) and check her out. She’s an absolute monster but you have to know her dmg loop and get her mutations/legendary. Unfortunately, her true greatness is locked behind a couple walls.

The thing is that text is just text. I want to see it.

I’m hard to convince. Sometimes it’s just people trying to defend their favourite champion, sometimes it’s someone showing a game where they dominated (against bad people most of the time). The best way is to simply get wrecked by a good player or dominate against a competent team.

If you noticed, I didn’t play Jenerith characters; I’m not fond of their style.

It is a good list. I must admit, I’ve only ever fought against Attikus once over the course of something like 40 PvP battles, and the one time that I did, he didn’t seem terribly impressive. Hopefully he gets the priority of Gearbox so he can at least be as sub standard as other heroes.

I hope with constant patches and constantly looking at how to improve every team member, one day every Battleborn character will be seen as viable.

Well I was saying you read the guide and then try her yourself. Think you’ll be surprised. Either way though no big deal, it is your list after all.

Can definitely confirm Attikus is complete garbage in PVP.

After trying to get a win on Echelon for his Lore challenge, I think that’s all the PVP I’ll be doing as him.

In my opinion, Foxtrot and Attikus should switch, or be on the same level. I tried playing Foxtrot and I’m just unable to carry a team or make a significant impact like with other characters. If my team does good, I’ll do good, but he’s impossible to level up if your team is at a disadvantage and it’s painful to play as him because of that.

Ambra should be B tier, and maybe Bennedict C tier, but that’s about it. Rath’s ult is the only thing that makes him viable, and it’s more so an annoyance that’s basically “say goodbye if you can’t jump out”, but that doesn’t deserve B tier