Sham Shield Questions

Hey guys.

So when the Sham absorbs 85-95 percent of bulkets shot at you, does “bullets” translate to “any projectile shot at you”, ie, rockets, lasers?

When it absorbs these projectiles, is it also negating tje damage from these projectiles?

That seems like it makes it one of the very best shields in the game, damage reduction wise.

Am i misunderstanding how The Sham operates?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

In BL2 I believe it worked with rockets. I’d guess it works with lasers as well but IDK for sure.

If you absorb the shot, you take no damage.

It’s a great shield for fighting bandits and other gun based enemies. It doesn’t block any splash damage, melee, grenade, or any other type of damage.

it also only absorbs while the shield is active, and due to its low capacity if you get hit by something else you’ll most likely lose your shield.

So its good, but definitely has some drawbacks.

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It absolutely works with rockets and lasers, at least the conventional kind, fired by Muggers and Insecurity Forces etc. I haven’t tried it against Eclipse’s attacks.

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