Shame but same old

Typical of this series of games I have completed my first run through on normal mode and 50 runs of iwajira and not a single legendary.
It’s totally ridiculous that you complete a run through such a “loot em up” game and no decent loot even though I’ve checked every vender in every area every time ! I’m only glad I got the game pre owned for £10 and not paid full price, as then I would be fed up.
A loot em up that does not give you loot what a complete waiste of time and effort !!!
Gearbox time to rethink the drop rate and chances so every one not just the lucky few or those who have 100’s of hours to commit get the loot !!!

Try farming the sentinel for a better chance at legendaries. Iwajira isn’t a likely source for legendaries if at all. He only had 1 legendary in his loot pool to begin with and I think even that 1 may have been removed. Someone with better info can correct/confirm me on that. Not surprising that you haven’t seen an orange drop from Iwajira. Also, if you’ll play co-op it increase your chances of finding those orange gems. Continuing on into True vault hunter mode as well as ultimate vault hunter will also increase your chances of legendary drops. It can be frustrating but if they dropped as often as the other stuff does, there wouldn’t be much to them being “rare”. Sorry about your bad luck and hopefully I’ve given you some info that can prove helpful for you. Good luck!

No point farming now got to level 34 doing all the iwajira runs so I’ll continue in tvhm and see what happens but I won’t hold my breath with this games drop rates.
Oh and rare is ok but impossible is just ridiculous, as I’ve found with all 3 games so far I get legendary drops from other people giving me them, eg my son got more legendary gear in BL2 on first run in normal mode than I got completing all 3 levels and getting to op8 ! In total I got 3 he got 5 in one run through.
Personally I think it should be a guaranteed drop of legendary every 20 runs or so max after its supposed to be a loot em up game so give us the good loot.

I’m not sure what to say. Either you have managed to avoid installing a single hotfix or game update, or you are the single most unlucky player to ever hit the Borderlands. In the past week, I’ve gotten legendaries at the expected drop rate from various sources in BL2, and a mixture of Hails (blue unique) and Thingies (leg. RL) from Iwajira. I’ve only needed (on average) 10 runs to get a legendary for the last few months.

What region are you in? Did you recently (Oct. 29th) get an update through for both BL2 and TPS? Something seems wrong, but I can assure that it’s not the game.

Well got to pity’s fall on tvhm and I give up, what a completely messed up game when all you get is a super badass that put you down and out every time with 2 shots of a corrosive lazer gun that when I use them are rubbish fed with this game totally!

Did you grind the purple gear from Iwa in the grinder?? That, and the vending machines, will be your best source of good loot. Another thing with this game, the red text blues and purples are very good, better than a lot of the legendaries so don’t put too much emphasis on finding orange. And you say you’re getting killed easily: are you getting new shields every few levels?

Grinder is a good backup but nothing feels anywhere near as rewarding as getting good gear in the heat of the moment. By the of the game I really think players who have put 30 odd hours into the game should have some cool gear to show for it. I know the blues and purples are pretty good too and if the oranges are not supposed to be all that amazing then why not drop a few more. Nobody should end a run through a game with a plethora of amazing hear without getting any of it. I understand the ops disappointment and its a bugbear I have with the game also.

Maybe you should tell us about your character, which build you are using, the level they are on and most importantly what your gear is. The Pre-Sequel is a lot easier than BL2 thanks to a milder scaling and characters themselves being a bit more powerful overall so there are some other issues to be addressed here.

Iwajira is a horrendous source for Legendaries anyway. The Hail it drops is really good but too awkward to use for many people. I haven’t seen a single Thingy ever since I got the Handsome Collection and I do check everything.

I find a lot of Legendaries in Vendors (a lot meaning like 3 which is a lot compared to BL2) but I do check them every single time so there are a lot of chances. Bosses have a great chance to drop their Legendaries now but 1:10 still expects you to put some work into it. Additionally, there are FAR less bosses with drops in the storyline compared to BL2 once again. If I do farm them I get what I want in about an hour at worst. I usually don’t get a Legendary without trying during a playthrough because of that low number bosses.

But really, I never even needed the Legendaries. If they are fun to use I’ll farm for them but I often get them just from exp farming Red & Belly and the Bosun to stay with the ridiculous expected level.

First playthrough odds aren’t as good. I do feel like many of the blue quest rewards and drops, are equally interesting to the legendaries.

And do all the concordia side missions. Make sure you get the grinder and then grind any purples you can find (decent legendary chances that way). I find that about 90% as rewarding as seeing a legendary drop from a boss. I also tend to moonshine grind blues to purples.

It’s actually about a 5% chance (1 in 20) for converting three purples into a legendary, especially since you can’t moonstone grind them.

That’s better than usual odds, right?

Plus you have some control over what type you’ll end up with.

Depends on what source you’re talking about, and how much real time you’re willing to invest e.g. you might actually get a better rate from “Items of the Day”, but you have to travel a lot and/or wait for the timer to reset to try again. For bosses etc. the legendary odds should now be 1 in 10 though.

As long was you use three of a kind (or two of one kind for weapons), yes. You can use three random weapons and roll the dice completely, though!

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I look at grinding as the additional chances for legendaries from a boss. Because my best source for purples are from bosses. So I’ll go kill the sentinel or “godzilla”, loot all the purples and uniques, go back to town, grind the purples I don’t want.

Pretty much what I do, too. I actually enjoy it as a bit of a “metagame”.

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You get pretty good uniques just by doing certain side quests. So they pretty much hand out some pretty good guns. Then there’s moonstone chests which guarantee you blues or purples with a chance of luneshine effects. Theres tons of shooting and looting in this. And alot of ways to get unique or good gear. Sentinel has alot of legendarys in his loot pool so you can farm him. Then theres farming vending machines like others said. And then theres bosses who have specific drops you can farm. Mutator arena is a great place for loot as well. Im always finding loot in this game. Theres tons of it all around. Just keep playing and do everything there is to do.

Well can anyone tell me why on the mission let’s build a robot where the turrets have to kill 12 scavs I’ve have died 26 times and lost almost all my money ?
It’s a level 36 mission I’m level 36 with level 36 purple weapons from the gold chest and a level 36 shield, this game is absolutely stupid, I’ve never been put down or died as much in 3 run throughs of BL2. Thought this game was meant to be more user friendly, also why Do all the shields have such rubbish recharge rates and delays ? And then to top it all off I get yet another super badass outlaw that insta kills me with a cryo rocket launcher, when will Gearbox ever realise that not everyone can co/op or has a friend who has the game, sick to death of being put down constantly or just dying resporning. This game sucks big time !!!

It’s ok, I was destroying everything in that room on purpose. using Nisha with a luck cannon, transfusion grenades, and a maggie. Probably going on 10 minutes, so obviously a ton of loot everywhere. Finally, the turrets killed it’s 12 person. I go to grab the loot, and the game freezes. I guess too much loot on the ground. reset, reluctantly to do it again, and somehow, the game had saved the fact that I had finished the turrets…

I managed to complete the mission eventually, took 2 hours and cost $45000 and died 30+ times, worst part is the respawn point is far enough to out of the final boss area for her to be back to full health every time you respawn. With all the white and green loot I got and sold managed to get back to $18600. I then checked the venders in the Titan robot facility and guess what a nice moonshine launcher but no money to buy it :rage:

Just posting to point that out “not getting Legendaries” is not the same as “not getting loot”. You seem to be confusing the two.

Did you notice the levels on the badass enemies? THere’s something weird with the scaling in that mission (as well as the “Another Pickle” in Crisis Scar) where you can see enemies significantly above either your or the mission level. I’ve mostly done the turrets and Felicity in TVHM co-op, which makes life a lot easier - you can string it out for quite a while and level up doing so. Solo is tougher if you’re gear and build aren’t matched to the situation, though.