Shame on you 2K AUSTRALIA

You have a gun named after a character in a Bowie song. An entire group of people worshiping a Pink Floyd album and absolutely no love for INXS, you know… that AUSTRALIAN group. What gives? Here is my idea. A legendary shield called “The Kick” the shield is 100% impervious to all damage of any kind. It’s special attribute would be that it can and will drop to zero intermittently. Recharge delay will stand at 12 seconds. The red text would read “… Sometimes you get kicked” Just so no one has to look up lyrics the song goes “sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked” Any thoughts?

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Thought this was going to be another “game sux” post, and was pleasantly surprised. Let me second the nomination for an INXS reference, and congratulations on not mentioning some of the other aussie, um, “entertainers”!

What… Come on. You telling me you would not be down with a Yahoo Serious gun or better yet Kiley Minogue class mod.

Those weren’t the aussie “entertainers” I was thinking of! I will, however, refrain from naming names in the interests of general sanity.

Australian groups? How about this:

Name: Ballbreaker
Type: Dahl Booster Shield
Red Text: “Watch me EXPLODE!”
High overall stats, a booster chance equal to BL2’s Big Boom Blaster. The boosters, when picked up, produce an explosive nova around the player that knocks back all enemys in reach.


I like it, show the love AC/DC! That screams TORGUE shield, a one of a kind.

A variation of the Boganella but instead of cursing it could have been variations of “COME ON!” from each VH.

at the least make it a good band to honor, maybe AC/DC

INXS was horrible

There is always a critic when music is involved. If u got better… Put it out there. And if the Bee Gees is what u come back with… I say back to the 70s with you.

did you miss the part where I said AC/DC ?

No I did not miss the part where u said MAYBE AC/DC.

The Amphlett
Legendary/Unique amp shield, any gimmick works (weak Bee-like shield, very well-statted amp shield, Bee-like shield, but shots drain shield until it’s out (not just the first shot), whatever).
Red Text: It’s Divine!

Shock-locked weapon who’s red text is “you’ve been… Thunderstruck”

That is all.

Or make it’s name “the thunderstriker”

Speaking of Aussie clichés, where are Mel Gibson and Paul Hogan ?

Where’s the one that rhymes with plaster of Paris

Right Chuck80 …Paul Hogan bladed pistol 200% to melee. Red text: That’s not a knife, this is a knife.


That would probably be a unique Fragtrap mod that randomly changes your weapon to a giant paint-filled sponge. It could be called “The Big White Boomer” Then again, rhymes-with-Paris is a bit of a persona non grata these days.

Ok I give up, who is it ?

Can you tell what it is yet?

I wish there was a Rex Hunt grenade mod, with red text along the lines of “Give it a kiss and throw it back”.