Shamrock Speed Demon

Zane is the definition of speed with this build…

The Skills (Level 50 btw, have tested this and it is amazing on mayhem 3 mobbing)

Action skills - Barrier and Digi Clone , these have the fastest delays, and are the best utilitys IMO.

Skills -
Adreniline, 5/5 Just to get down the tree

Rise to the Occasion, 5/5 Since we’re using the Rough Rider with this build, we are always getting 5% health regeneration

Augments for Barrier - Nanites or Some ■■■■■ and All Rounder

Violent Speed, 5/5 Movement Speed for a Speed Demon

Violent Momentum, 5/5 Damage for that movement speed (also because of our other speed skills)

Cool Hand, 5/5 We’re using shotguns with this, so reload is really nice for Jakob’s shotguns

Death Follows Close, 1/1 25% Kill skill effectiveness, and +7 seconds added onto it, What’s not to love?

Violent Violence, 4/5 Extra fire rate for our Butcher and Flakker, really nice if you wanna use some SMG’s as well

Synchronicity, 5/5 Gun damage based on how many action skills are out, syncs really well with Supersonic Man to give extra movement speed and damage

Borrowed Time, 5/5 Longer Action skills means more damage from Synchronicity and Supersonic Man which also gives more damage from Violent Momentum

Donnybrook, 5/5 Extra gun damage and Health Regenration for 15 seconds, Perfect for this build.

Supersonic Man, 5/5 With the Class mod for this build, 16% bonus movement speed per active action skill. Which in turn gives more Damage to Violent Momentum

Augments for Digi Clone Digital Distribution , and Which One’s Real?

The Gear

Flakker :boom:, I mainly use this for tankier enemies

Hellwalker :fire:, Fire Jakobs’ coach gun, really really nice (Might be a 100% Anoint chance, anyone else who had it had the same Anoint on it as I did)

1 Pump Chump :no_entry_sign:, 4230 damage with a +1286% damage increase at Level 50, only uses 1 ammo per shot, and has a 50% chance to not consume ammo. My main gun for this build

The Butcher :radioactive: Amazing fire rate, Good for enemies with multiple health bars. Very ammo consuming though, so use it wisely.


Sprint Rough Rider , 10% movement speed while depleted, and is always depleted, works amazingly with Violent Momentum due to the movement speed buff

Class Mods
I use a Bashing Sprinted Inflitrator, that gives bonus Weapon Damage, and Movement Speed depending on how low my shield is.+1 Supersonic Man, +3 Violent Momentum, and +1 Like a Ghost , and boosts my Melee damage by 50%, my Reload by 20% and my Hyperion Reload by 25%.

You could use an Executioner Class mod that boosts Shotgun damage, but I wouldn’t


Last Stand Otto Idol , that restores +17 max health after killing an enemy, +25% Weapon Accuracy, +7% Movement Speed, and Regenerates +115 health per second. On top of all that, it gives 5 seconds of invunerability after I drop below 50% health.

This build revolves around Insane Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, and Gun damage to make you into the Flash on steroids.

Edit: Sonic Boom Infiltrator would be a better class mod, due to the damage buffs it gives, but I don’t have one .-.


well hot damn, 7 years and you still love jakobs shotguns. awesome build m8. grats on being the first master build

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This is pretty similar to what I run on my Zane, though I go further into double agent and get Double Barrel. I do run the same combo of shield, class mod and relic, though, and I like it quite a bit and it works quite nicely.

I feel like double barrel is not really needed on it though, too many bugs with it atm. I can’t wait to get a Sonic Boom Inflitrator though

Hi there, playing this build (not complete for now) and works pretty well. Just wondering if you’re going to update it with new contents and level cap ?

Oh boy I forgot I had an account here! I think I might now that you brought it up lol