Shane and aurox is def at top of meta

Anyone else agree with this?

Nope; Galilea. Always has been.


They provide good utility without being incredible at anything.

A good gap filler especially if some of the better hard CC melee picks (Gali, Kelvin) are banned.

Probably my fave toon tho.

Just Aurox is at top technically, as he’s taller than Shayne.


Depends on what level she is maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

her fetch is easily destroyed and slow, her slow requires getting in the thick of it…she’s certainly not overpowered.
i would not place her as a must-have or must-ban, and therefore do not consider her in my top 5 concerns. and i play her on a regular basis. i think shes in a good spot, and like many other ok characters, in the right hands, with the right gear, with the right team, against the right team she can be terrifying.

her counter is kleese because he’s anti shield, as well as reyna for the same reasons, off the top of my head.

likewise, kleese and reyna are great to have on her side since they also provide shields for her.

Ok maybe I just faced several BEASTS in a row

Meltdown Finale meta for sure anyways. Considering how most games don’t progress past everybody getting to level 5 maybeeee 6. (I’ve had a handful where i got to 10 but that’s def not the norm) it’s hard to put a dent in her. Aurox eats the waves alive and then comes for your heart. Shayne just likes pizza


I remember when I was surprised that you made cheesy puns all the time. Oh slightly younger mistaken me


So. Her kit has several noticeable weaknesses. With a few changes she’d easily be OP, but sits in a spot where she can be easily shut down and thus never really gets too high up there. Coordination destroys her. I suppose… she can’t do anything well enough to be anymore but a strong fill in, as natsu said


about her fetch, i kept hearing it could be easily destroyed but in all the times i’ve played her since the game came out i never had it happen to me. then today i kept trying to grab a beatrix and the animation would start and then just go away. huh, that must of been what was happening lol

Literally any projectile destroys Aurox.

Kleese’s sustained fire, for example, is a constant defence against fetch.

I also hardly ever get grabbed by Aurox so maybe i was shooting it while shooting Shayne and just never realized. That happens a lot as a Montana main :smirk:

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Yeah Montana will never get fetched front on due to his sustained fire.

Although if Sharuox players are trying to fetch Montana from front they don’t really deserve to land it.

and thats why i only use fetch point blank for that sweet free overshield.
its not a good pull - its distance is negligible by default. stun is fine, but requires teamwork unless youre using it to get out, or for that last little bit of health.

shaynes ok.