Shane & Aurox build discussion

1.friction fizz

2a.Vibro core
2b.Jennerit Epic Shield Regen
+42 Shield Recharge
+5.46% Skill Damage
-21% Reload Speed
2c.Common Shield Regen
+42 Shield Recharge

3a.The Pacifier
3b.Jennerit Epic Max Shield
+140 Maximum Shield Strength
+5.46% Skill Damage
-21% Reload Speed
3c. Common Max Shield
+140 Maximum Shield Strength

Max sheild: 980/938
Sheild recharge: 207


After Fizz is up Stealth should make you ridiculously hard to kill.
You fight till your sheild breaks, run for 5 seconds in stealth and your back to full sheild and back in the fight. if she gets that DR on sheild in the next patch shes gonna be pretty beastly

what do you all think?

For starters it’s pretty expensive and secondly skill damage is wasted on Shaurox, particularly if you’re using stealth strike as purely an escape.

I’ve tested Vibro Core module on Shaurox and find it to be underwhelming. 14% shield steal is not significant enough to keep the power of two up longer than normal and loses its benefit if a target has no shield (Eldrid or already focused).

Since Shaurox is such a good disruptor, many times you engage there will be no shield, and no legendary proc.

The best stuff to buff is shield strength, shield recharge rate (since you can trigger it manually from level 4/5 iirc) and standard attack damage attack speed in my experience.

The build I use is her lore legendary (shield recharge rate, attack speed and boomerang buff for each melee hit on the target), free flawed battery (+140 shield) and either a purple LLC gauntlet (+attack damage + shield strength) or green +attack damage and +attack speed on melee hit.

The Pacifier is a great choice, you could sub Shaurox’s lore item with a regular shield recharge or run double legendary if you’re confident in getting the shards.

She’s super versatile so there’s a tonne of ways to play her, but I wouldn’t advocate skill damage.


Ooh that sounds neat as hell. But I don’t have a friction fizz… :.(

I keep meaning to pick up shayne and aurox but am really lost as to what to do with them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use vibró core to run straight to my target, they have more shield if they are ranged. This way i can save my skills to keep my target close and overshield if needed.

Also i am that crazy s&a who dives to the sentry and break its shield and run away. Vibró core is beautifull for Sentey diving, so much shield to steal.

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I agree the skill damage wasn’t really the focus of the build and honestly any substat that she could use would suffice. The two epics/legendaries were more an idea to take advantage of the gear slots. Commons-Rares of Shield Regen and Max shield would be fine and are the primary focus of the build. The only important legendary for the build is Fizz and keeping your Shield/Overshield up.

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That’s pretty Smart
I’ll give that a try

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The two things I see most is you either play for power of two or you play shield regen. Either way, by the time you get 10m in the game SaA’s damage is nearly a non factor the rest of the game. You can get all over people later on because you are so bulky but solo 1v1 kills are going to stop happening.

I’ve seen people go for the damages running double ups of damage and attack speed. Or halfs with damage and survivability.

Commonly though, its just 200ish + shield, and 560-600 HP.

If I’m going real ham I usually run Vow of vengeance and boots of the brute. If you play the early game how you are supposed to you ball right over the top of them easy. Otherwise, its just better to be a brick ■■■■ house, especially against ghalt.

All you have to remember is the later the game goes the worse this character gets. She doesn’t scale well at all.


Yeah she’s not the best at securing kill but thankfully everything doesn’t have to come down to a 1v1. I think her ability to intimidate, distract, and take so much abuse are a huge plus for a team.
I don’t agree with her card she’s a disruptor/tank and can be a pretty damn good one at that.

Her Ult is terrible for her though. :expressionless:

First of all I got to say: :thumbsup: for using an otherwise overlooked Legendary in an amazing way.
If I had a Friction Fizz, I’d try this immediately.

While on the subject of overlooked Items, I believe The Modernista might be an honorable mention here, just to add a defensive twist against ranged fire.
(Although this build will probably do best, if one keeps the shard cost at a minimum level for early activation/more uptime.)

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I’ve since tried this build and it’s everything I thought it would be. After Fizz goes up, I’m essentially immortal (outside of a potential reveal) and I initiate and occupy in 1v2s the rest of the game. I pull people off objectives and pick off stragglers. She goes from being mildly frustrating to the most goddamn evil thing they’ve ever seen.

As I read about the Vibro Core, this neat littly thingy came to my mind

I should add that I haven’t tried this, just a thought, I you’d combine that one with a Vibro Core and a flawed shard generator, you should be able to burst sentry shields in no time while keeping yours up.
well, theoretically, like I said I haven’t tried this, just a thought

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I have my best streaks with Shane, my fav char by far, even in PvE on Helio advanced.

Use her Legendary with a good Sprint because she can be wicked fast to stay alive while boomeranging everything.
If your team has an Ernest that attack egg really helps the boomerangs wipe everything out.

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