Shane rules on the Mike dlc

(wisecarver) #1

This was freaking awesome.

I’ve completed the challenges, have done the Mike dlc with each character at 100 OPs.

Shane was one of my favs, Kelvin to my surprise turned out to be my second fav in this.

Match just now with two vet players I know and have done this with many times recently.

Shane kicked Oscar Mike and Beatrix’s butts.
Note, this is my second Battleborn account, this Shane is only level 13.
No damage gear was used, just cheap health, speed and shards.

(psn: Vegan_Cookies5) #2

I prefer Pendles on this, but it is about the same idea. I did own with Shayne when I ran it with her.

(wisecarver) #3

Pendles on the other two dlc but on the Mike dlc at 100 OPs, no way. :wink:

(psn: Vegan_Cookies5) #4

To be honest, if you don’t care for score or times, Pendles is the best PvE character because you can just run around and do whatever you want.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #5

Woop! Woop! Kelvin dance party! Go Kevin, the micro-colony, it is your birthday!

(wisecarver) #7

…Yeah that but in this post I’m talking specifically about characters in the Mike dlc at 100 OPs.
It’s an entirely different world for sure.
Not to pick on Pendles but if he gets the twins or the Dancer he has to rely on turrets.
Shane can stealth and boomerang the Dancer, carefully whittle the Twins, it’s beautiful.

note: Just got my first Platinum score with Shane, Sentinel Adv. Solo :slight_smile:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #8

Kevin and Melaka are why the Eldird are my favorite faction

I got advanced Sentinel platinum on accident… it was me, a brand new player, natsu and one other. I jumped off cliffs a few times, and then natsu showed how far Caldy can go. We died a few times in silly places too. Near the end, natsu’s entire screen turned blue but I believe that hud apparently. I kept a Sunspot fueled near here and she survived even while shooting straight up into a wall. Then I died. And we got platinum. I was shocked

(wisecarver) #9

…Thanks for sharing, I enjoy the inside stories.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #10

I feel like accidentally calling Kelvin “Kevin” is something Oscar Mike would do consistently.

(wisecarver) #11

Since he is Operatic his name should match that theme. :acmcheese:

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #12

Who is melaka? Just kidding. :yum:

(wisecarver) #13

…I think those names come up since the Mellka thing happened with the update.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #14

Yeah I read some of those posts, funny stuff, not the mellka nerf, that was just mean.

(Neb) #15

Yeah, but what about ranged damage? What does physical damage mean?

(wisecarver) #16

Shane has decent ranged damage and those boomerangs continue to crit.
In the Mike dlc I wouldn’t say you have a lot of ranged battles, just from afar. :smile: