Shanes First Mod - Capital ship focused brawler

I’ve been wanting to make a mod for a while now and have been starting modeling of my own, i think now is the perfect time for me to start modding

The idea is to have a mod focused on capital class warfare, massive behemoths duking it out with fighters and corvettes being present but de-emphisised

an example of one of the ship classes is the one below, the ‘destroyer’ though i will be reducing the number of missiles and point defence guns by a fair bit to reduce potential lag from them all firing at once

and for the fighter class example

any hints or ideas are welcome especially ones involving how to get large ships into the game, im quite new and am currently looking up modding tutorials


you can set the smaller guns to be slaves to each bank (similar to how the second barrel on the big gun, the smaller guns can be linked up), so in effect there is 1 gun or missile that leads the targeting and all of the others follow. For missile launches the graphics are not super precise about spawning, so you can get away with less weapon muzzles, or just have all of the slaves fire at once and have large chunks of missile death, your choice. This will really help with the missiles, also if the guns are subsystems they are instanced so the meshes are less of a rendering issue. As long as the fire rate is not too high I wouldn’t worry about the performance hit of projectiles, I routinely have 50 multibarrel guns with firerates around 5 seconds each, the point defense guns again don’t have to have a high fire rate if they ripple through each bank. I would avoid fire rates of sub .5 seconds and instead make the effect have a few projectiles like the stock point defense guns have


Thanks for the tips really appreciate it

So instead of their being 128 individual PD guns there would instead thanks to the slaving be 8 ‘groups’ that really simplifies things. I was also thinking for the PD and ‘Anti Ship Turrets’ to have them be modular and changable but thats something to worry about after i impliment the ships in game

I was somewhat stuck between using a flack type effect for the point defence guns or a burst MG style

If you plan a bit ahead you can build out the turrets as subsystems up front and each ship can then have the appropriate place to stick them. making them changeable is a bit of a pain and I would reserve that for the more important large weapons that would differentiate the ships roles

how about machine gun with a flack burst at the end?

  1. Have a go
  2. If you can’t do something, don’t struggle, ask here!

Are you using Blender or 3DSMax?

What race is this for? I think it looks great, but it may be a bit too aeroplane-like for Homeworld… The wings and fins of Homeworld are generally not like those we see in real-life aircraft.

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yeah im reading up on how to implement subsystems and taking some notes as i go, the tutorials are fairly simple which should help me alot

MG Burst with a flack explosion at the end would be cool, would fit the BSG esque style im trying to go with

I’m using Blender, no way could i afford 3dmax haha

and the Fighter is meant to be an SSTO designed for planetary and orbital defence, I’m thinking that because of this it may not be as good / refined as dedicated space fighters such as those used by the other Homeworld factions instead relying on armour and firepower versus speed and agility. the faction i’m thinking is either having it be a new faction [human/UN] or using it for the Hiigarans.

its for another project i was working on but think it fits enough with a homeworld mod to re-use it for that

some boring lore stuff for it

[details=Summary]The Premier AEGIS fighter craft designed specifically for the role of intercepting and destroying UFO’s. The Interceptor performs far better in this task compared to conventional military craft, but much is still to be desired. Research division believes they can utilise alien technology to design improvements for the interceptor or even a new craft all together.

Crew - 2 [1 Pilot, 1 Co Pilot]
Length -
Width -
Date of Manufacture - 2016
Primary Users - AEGIS
Unit Cost - £1.2 Billion GBP / $1.55 Billion USD / ₽ 87.75 Billion Ruble / ¥ 10.71 Billion CNY

Primary Weapons
Six Air to Air Self Guiding Nuclear Smart Missiles allow for Interceptors to reliably threaten dominion Scouts and Fighters, unfortunately these weapons prove mostly ineffective against capital scale ships such as the “Battleship” or “Carrier” classes, needing to hit weak points such as the anti gravity engines to have a hope in bringing them down.

Secondary Weapons
Four GAU-10/S Saviour 40mm Gattling cannons. Designed to fire armour piercing depleted uranium rounds the Saviour was is capable of reliably defeating swarm flyers or Nomad drone craft but is mostly ineffective against the armour of Dominion ships, requiring high volume of fire at close range to have a chance of penetrating hull. It is for this reason the Saviours are considered ‘secondary’ weapons

Four Fusion powered scramjet engines allow the Interceptor to reach record breaking hypersonic speeds allowing it to keep up with Dominion warships while being capable of outpaceing Swarm flyers and Nomad drone swarms. The specially designed cockpit features state of the art technology for information control, ease of flight and relative comfort in extreme high G manoeuvres. The Pilots cabin is filled with an absorbent Gel like fluid which help ease the burden on pilots facing high G stresses, when mixed with enhancement drugs and the High G flight Chair this allows pilots to remain conscious at speeds that would otherwise kill humans in previous generations of aircraft[/details]

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My impressions are a bit harsh, so have in mind I’m just trying to understand your mod.

If you’re making your own setting (game universe), then a capital class clash is welcome. If you’re thinking about inserting in HW universe then some ppl like me will dislike it a little. There are some games out there where the ships come loaded with guns and those guns never stop firing, it’s a rain of lasers and bullets everywhere. Once every ship does everything, those games don’t make much sense.

In Homeworld, you have few guns and those guns rest after certain shots, nothing is forever firing. Even in Complex mod where they use a lot of guns, the guns take some time to fire. So, have in mind what are you goin’ to do and be certain that the gameplay you’re planning really stands out.

Wings are difficult to deal with. For both atmospherical and orbital roles you’ll need two spacecrafts in one. The bottom of your fighter must be rounded for reentrance and below the engines you’d have to design a thick layer to represent a protection for them or a cool-down system, because in practice, the engines will be hot and you want to come back to the planet. Your jet looks too thin for that role. If you want to use wings, inspire yourself in YAMATO, but remember, it’s a 70’s design. Leiji Matsumoto and friends would have done things differently if they had created Yamato in the 90’s.

This brings another issue: how the factions of your mod are distributed. Which are more advanced and which are outdated. Which is the conceptual “distance” from each other? Maybe an advanced faction can have a thin fighter, but probably not an outdated faction. Once your mod is about the capital class and you want to keep an aerodynamic appeal, maybe these details are not important. If you’re making your mod for online play, those players don’t give a damn about ship design, they want more and more guns, so check who is your audience.

I’m making a mod for the HW2 which is a new race called Gaudr and the fighter is for planetary defense. I made them with rounded bottom so they can escape the fight back to the planet. I also made them a litle biffy and bigger than HGN Interceptor to represent they are outdated. This also means they will be cheaper to produce in the early game. Their engine is a big butt to resemble HW1, but also to represent they need more engineer to fly.

The fighter is here

GAUDR Interceptor v2 by chimas on Sketchfab

I’m using Blender now and I’ll be redesigning it soon, to transform from triangles to polies. The mod is not anounced because I will only do that after I get decent DIFF maps working.




Its fine yeah i understand what you’re saying and critical is good. It would be a little difficult to add actual tactics and ‘stratagy’ elements into something so heavily focused on mass weapons fire. There is also the fact that with so many guns they may lose the ‘weighty feel’ of traditional homeworld capital ships

The jet does look a little thin, perhaps fattening it could help with that. The underside does need some work to make it a bit rounder aswell as currently its underside is based on the missile heavy F-35 Fighter. The idea i was going for with it [was for a game im making but think it would fit well in a homeworld mod] was ‘what would a militerised space shuttle look like?’ but as you can see im not great with realistic/creative designs. I could handwave the issue with advanced tech [we know Taiidan scouts, corvettes and Kushan interceptors can enter atmospheres just fine for example] but that would be a cop out

The factions currently planned would basically just be Humans, a hostile alien empire and pirates who use modified civilian ships or outdated military designs as for who im making it for? mainly for me to mess about with in skirmish but i’d release it and let people do whatever with it if they wanted

I like you’re design it has a nice mix of Taiidan and Kushan design principles

Announce it already! You have made enough hints about it over the years :wink:

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I grounded myself, announcements only after I have something modelled, textured and rigged. At least one. It’s on the making, but I 'm not in a hurry.


So i lost all my models and progress on them when someone who will remain unnamed wiped the pc so i’ve decided to refocus on a different mod something based on something else

there is a sci-fi space opera series which has all of it’s models open to the public for [non comercial] use so i’m thinking of making a mod based on them however they seem to have alot more polys than i’m used to working with?

looking at the stats for the series main ship it has these, i’m wondering are these too much for a homeworld mod to support in any decent numbers [if at all?]

399,242 verts
312,494 faces
312,494 tris
417.32m Mem

Definitely too big for straight use but you can “bake” the high res models down into normal maps for a lower poly version.

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Thanks for the tip i’ll try that and hopefully it makes them more manageable [that ship doesn’t even have the most poly’s either

also having a little trouble converting them from sketchup into blender since some of the details or features get lost is there anything to stop that happening?

How are you getting from sketchup to blender? Try using a reliable intermediate format like obj…


I’m exporting the models as .dae files and then importing them into blender, some of the models come out fine / full while many others don’t.

[they come as sketchup files in the original archive so i have to transfer them somehow]

The dae files produced by sketchup may well not be compatible with the blender importer. I would recommend going for obj or some other format of possible.

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