Shard Deposit at end of ATR?

Help please. I don’t seem to be able to find the shard deposit I’m supposed to clear. Can anyone tell me where it is?

All of them were shown for me on the minimap :o

There’s a floating platform you have to get up to. There should be jump pads to the left, near the Rendain statues.

You have o are a jump pad next to the first Rendain statue at the final area, where you climb up all he stairs. Be careful though, after about r0 seconds the platform will disappear, and then staying on it or taking the jump pad (yes, it remains) spelled out death for you and sometimes even the person reviving you. Unless you’re a smart Orneid with nullify off cooldown like I as hen I found out lol

Thanks everyone. Just got two skins for Miko.

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Carefull once you get the shards those jumpads become kill jumpads unless you are benedict or melka…

Yet another reason you should ALWAYS play as Benedict.
Speaking of which…



Pretty bird, pretty bird

I’ll try to get his 85 skin next, trying to get Montana’s now.