Shard Gen + 2 Gears or 3 Gears?

I literally do not have a single gear Loadout without a free or cheap shard generator in it, accompanied by either 2 Legendaries, 2 purples, or a blue and a purple.

Am I doing my characters a disservice?

I LOVE buying FatBots and buildables!

Thanks in advance.

That’s a damn good question. I wonder if the answer depends more on the role you’re playing or if you can trust your team to pick up the buildables slack?

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since you are doing PVP i would say the legendaries are more of a hindrance then the shard generator if you are wanting to go competitive with your play.

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I used to play shard gen with 2 legendaries, but now I play without legendaries and mostly use 0 cost health regen or cooldown gear, depending on the character, coupled with 2 blue/purple pieces. I only run shard gen on healer/support because you can’t go for shard runs as often.


It’s an even better question, if you take into account the rebalanced legendary activation costs.
Two legendaries + shard gen used to be a 3.6k Loadout. Now you can get that price down to about 2.8k, around 2.5k if you’re using an epic + one legendary.

I do that alot, but there are some characters on which I avoid the shard gen. In most cases it’s because I have to cover too many stats.


This is a loadout I built for Mellka, played it in Bots Battle yesterday for testing.
The low shard cost plus the ability to traverse the map quickly eliminated the need for a shard gen. The low total cost (albeit only working on an Eldrid char) allowed me to still spend some shards on buildables.

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On the other hand, I tend to built all my ‘normal’ Loadouts like this: Shard Gen + Rare/Epic + Legendary/Epic

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Most of my loadouts are Blue/Blue/Legendary or Purple/Purple/Legendary or Green/Green/Legendary. See a pattern?

For PvP I run a free wrench, shard generator, with the third a white flawed for the role. For PvE I used to run 2 purples/legendaries with a shard generator to get them out quick without being a shard hog, however since most PvE has become either solo or 2-3 people I have gone to 3 legendaries.

Yup! Not answering questions. What about the shard geny?

Always use a Shard Gen in Meltdown where Economy is important.

Always use a Shard Gen on Support so you won’t have to leave lane for shards often or at all.

Use a Shard Gen on characters that need to level up quickly in order to build things, lots of things. If needed take a wrench as well.

Don’t use a Shard Gen if you’re the Carry.
Sometimes as a Tank you shouldn’t use a Shard Gen.

Use a Shard Gen on Monuments,shards are a bitch to get there.

Use a Shard Gen if you’re planning on using 2 Leggies.


Ow. I was responding to another guy, but it looks like I didn’t correctly reply, whoops.

Anyways, three gears. Shard gen and legendary for funsies sometimes, like stupid loadouts, but not something OP or broken.

I think it depends on you as a player. For me, in PvE I’ve moved past shard generators. I know the levels well enough to know to take a heavy or low cost loadouts and where all the shards are, so therefore I can both build and get gear up without a shard generator, even on Experiment. For PvP, I’m not a strong player, so therefore I will contribute much more to the team by building and buying fatbots then I will by getting a strong legendary up. That strong legendary won’t make up for my lack of skill difference 1 v 1, whereas a series of buildables or fatbots can keep my team in a match for longer. However, for the better players, they are better getting that little bit more by using gear to ■■■■■■■■■■ their already strong play and pushing them past other skilled players, so I’d say the shard gens are a wasted slot for them sometimes.

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