Shard Gennies for Miko, Kid Ultra, and Reyna

Question for those who like to use flawed shard generators (0-shard cost). The four flaws possible on shard generators, as far as I know, are Reload Speed, Healing, Skill Damage, and Cooldown Time.

Although the “ideal” item is debatable, of the 30 Battleborn, 18 can use the -Reload Speed flaw without much/any penalty: Alani, Boldur, Kelvin, Thorn, Ambra, Attikus, Deande, Rath, El Dragon, Isic, Kleese, Phoebe, Galilea, Montana, Orendi, Pendles, Shayne & Aurox, and Toby, and 9 can use the -Healing Power flaw without much/any penalty: Mellka, Beatrix, Caldarius, Marquis, Benedict, Ernest, Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot.

This leaves 3 Battleborn - Miko, Kid Ultra, and Reyna, all of whom would suffer noticeably if using any of the four flaws - Reload Speed, Healing, Skill Damage, and Cooldown Time.

So, what do you guys use for these characters? Do you suffer through, using an argument like “Well, it might be OK to lose attack damage with Miko, since it’s a primary healer, so let’s use the -Reload Speed one”. Or do you use a different setup, perhaps without a flawed Shard Generator at all? Or with one that costs shards to actvate?

In the past, I used Shard Generators occasionally, but most of my play was missions, Incursion, and Meltdown. These days, though, I’m playing a lot of Ops, Bot Battles, and the rare Capture/Face-Off mode, all of which result in such short games that effectively require using a Shard Generator and/or super, super cheap equipment, otherwise the match will be over before you’ve activated more than a single item.

So - anyone have thoughts/suggestions on Miko, Reyna, and Kid Ultra when it comes to Shard Generators or similar loadouts?

On the OPs missions, specifically the ones short of shards, Mike and Montana, I use the -reload.
I do the OPs with every character. In PvE the reload isn’t a problem for me, Reyna is rather annoying anyway.
Some characters can offset that with faster reload helix choices which is nice.
Did I mention I find Reyna’s reload annoying? :smile:

  • Skill damage would be fine for Miko and Reyna since I think it would only effect the impact damage of the spore and priority target. Wouldn’t be good for KU of course since bolas does a good amount of damage.

I’d probably pick -Skill DMG for Miko over the reload. I know it’s a hit on poison, but the reload animation intervenes with the heal beam, which is not good at all either.

It wouldn’t work on Reyna though if you want to go for the heals, since it affects her Vital Protocol healing amount. Her reload animation is also pretty obnoxious.

Same for KU.

I’ve opted into not using any free shard gen for these characters for the time being, instead I’ll just go with an overall cheaper loadout. Works quite well for me.


For these three characters I use three white gear pieces (health, health regen, healing power) and just don’t use a shard at all. You can buy them reliably, and it doesn’t make you leave lane to chase shards either.

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knocking down some skill damage on support characters wont do much. Even if it’s -10% skill damage … what’s that out of a skill that hits for 50 damage - just -5 damage off of that. hitting for 50 damage vs 55 isnt a biggie.

skill damage hits your healing too, doesn’t it?

Test that on Attikus

-skill dmg for miko take the hit in poison and mushroom, i use -reload with reyna if im planning to pick the homing at lvl 2 otherwise reyna and ku I just use a plain common

i use regular whites. doesnt take long to get the 420 or so needed. :slight_smile:


There is no need to run shard generators on these characters in OPS missions. 3 Purples is easy to activate (if you want as much firepower as possible).
Reload speed is very good on Miko while playing missions. I always play full attack Miko in PvE (attack speed/damage and reload speed are a bomb for him) and he doesn’t need hp regen at all, you have a good skill for that. I always enjoy playing offensive Miko, he hits like a real tank. ^^

In PvP, I don’t run 0 cost shard generators on Miko/Reyna/KU. Why make your characters worse? Better stack a few cheaper items and you are good to go.

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I don’t think anyone want to make their chars worse! But there are multiple solutions to the “no good flawed shard genny for character xyz” problem, and I’m happy to see everyone’s thoughts - that’s the main point of the thread.

That said …

There’s no need to run anything in any mission, but I’ve logged over 150 ops missions, and I know from experience that, if you’re 3-manning Battleschool or Demon Bear, there are simply not enough shards for 3 people to each activate 3 purples (@ 1050 shards). My group members typically run something like 0-cost shard generator, an 1800 shard legendary, and the 1050 shard 5.6% Attack/ 14 Hp Regen syringe. Those three items cost 2950 shards. These are the shard totals from my last 5 ops missions:

Montana, 3 Player: 11,373 shards picked up
Montana, 3 Player: 9,056 shards picked up
Montana, 2 Player: 3,870 shards picked up
Oscar Mike, 2 Player: 6,095 shards picked up
Oscar Mike, 2 Player: 5,080 shards picked up

And while it looks like, if things played out correctly, players would be able to each afford a 2950-shard loadout in 3 of those 5 missions, the reality is that shards are never split equally, and shards are acquired ratably through the mission, leaving people stuck activating their third piece of equipment right at the end of the mission - such as in the middle of the final fight.

It could be a pretty good improvement if all shards picked up in PvE were shared across the team… Or if they just added more shards :sweat_smile:


True, I forgot to mention that I was only talking about solo runs. My bad.
If you play with a team, then yes, a shard regen item is required if you want to run epics and legendaries.

-Skill Damage on Reyna is the one I usually use.

I would use it on Miko too assuming I’m going in with 2 legendaries and going full support-Miko (luckily I’m an awful Miko so I don’t use him much at all in pvp or pve, but if I had to in pve).

Kid Ultra I just use a cheap gear-set that wouldn’t need the use of a free shard generator since all of the free shard gens hurt his performance. I do miss when his drones weren’t affected by heal power, I would use the -heal power shard gen…good times.

This^. Worst case scenario, you have to wait for the first big shards to appear, if you don’t want to run around collecting small and medium ones for thirty seconds; and if the enemy team has shard-locked you by that point, i doubt that whatever gear you have is going to prevent a stomping.


Just to clarify some things based on word-of-mouth and personal testing.

  • Reload speed doesn’t affect 17 Battleborn. Montana’s heat dissipation is affected pretty heavily by positive reload speed, but not by negative reload speed reduction (weird). Results: Here Credit to @somebody248d
  • Positive heal power doesn’t affect 20 Battleborn (I only tested positive, so if there is an exception like Montana it’s on you to figure out for now).
    • Attikus, Beatrix, Benedict, Caldarius, Deande, El Dragon, Ernest, Ghalt, ISIC, Kelvin, Marquis, Mellka, Montana, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Pendles, Phoebe, Rath, Shayne & Aurox, and Whiskey Foxtrot
  • The characters it does affect and where
    • Alani - Wellspring, Soothing Mist, Splash Zone, Deepsong
    • Ambra - Sunspot, Ceremonial Sacrifice, Stellar Ritual
    • Boldur - Ekkuni Greatshield blocking with Runes of Power
    • Galilea - Chaotic Infusion, Abyssal Form
    • Kid Ultra - Support Drone, To The Rescue, Stick With Me
    • Kleese - Energy Rift, Shocking Twist, Don’t Call it a Heal Chair, Energetic Refractor
    • Miko - A. Mikollopria, Biosynthesis, Fungus Among Us, Heal Thyself
    • Reyna - Vital Protocol, Plasma Pulse shield heal on overshielded target, Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece
    • Thorn - Archor’s Boon
    • Toby - Best Offence

*Note - S&A’s Aurox Hungers is the only thing I didn’t test that could be affected by heal power.

But that still leaves us with Kid Ultra, Miko, and Reyna as not having a flawed shard gen that doesn’t affect them in anyway. I’ll list the things that those 3 character have that are boosted by positive skill damage so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to you.

  • Kid Ultra

    • Support drone (heal)
    • Bola Snare
    • To The Rescue (heal)
    • Pain Compliance
    • Search and Destroy
    • Heal-splosion
    • Stick With Me
    • Explosive Entrance
  • Miko

    • Molecular Mycology
    • Fungus Among Us (heal)
    • Biosynthesis (self heal)
    • Cloud of Spores
    • Vicious Strain
  • Reyna

    • Priority Target
    • Vital Protocol
    • Vengeance Protocol
    • Kinetic Deflection
    • Plasma Pulse shield heal on overshielded target

If you have any questions or refutations feel free.


Skill damage effects healing? Would increasing skill damage make the healing better? That doesn’t seem right to me but I haven’t tested any of it.

I think that’s how it used to be but it got patched like way back, but people still keep saying it has an effect? How much more (or less) compared to Heal Power then I wonder?

That’d be dependent on percentages of the gear I think since both are multipliers

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