Shard Load Out (More Characters in The Title To Let Me Post)

So i’ve been wanting to experiment with a shard load out for a while but it never seemed worth it.

Until i hit level 100 today and my legendary loot pack game me Executive Insurance Policy, which made me think about starting a shard load out, I know the blue shard gen is meh, since its probably better to get one that boosts if you get a minion kill or a white shard gen for free.

but heres what i got =3=




Thats what I got, i think its pretty good for what it is but idk.

Look up quartermastery bin and plasmite inducer if I remember correctly.

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That third one looks a little too expensive and a little wasteful; you want something that is going to help activate those legendaries as quickly as possible. I would suggest something green with two bonuses and a penalty. One example is the “Sketchy Smart Easy Money” which gives you up to 2.10 shards per second, -4.20% cooldown time, and is only 420 shards to activate because it has a penalty. Mine is heal power, so it’s useful on all but healers. For any healer but Reyna, you could use a reload time penalty, instead.

I also have a “Smart Easy Money” with the same stats and no penalty that only costs 714 to activate. Still a better deal than your Runner’s, because IMHO, bonus shards after a pickup is not all that beneficial compared with other bonuses.


The Plasmite Transducer shard generation has been heavily nerfed and I don’t see how another legendary would really help, since it would take so long to get it activated.

I guess if you really wanted a third shard generating legendary, the Veil Manipulator would help with the extra bonus of health regen based on shards on hand.

Do you use this loadout in pvp or pve? I personally never use shard gen items that aren’t 0 cost, and don’t really use them in pve very often at all.

yeah, i decided to switch to this one instead

its been pretty good honestly, doing well.
No matter what I think im gonna put Executive Insurance policy in most of my gear builds, Its REALLY nice o3o
Shard gen And a sheild boost that gives oversheild?
Yes =~=

I use them so I can maximize my building. Pair that with a build cost reduction gear, and I quickly got my Queen/King Bee. Sitting at roughly 4000 buildables built. Gotta get them creds. Now if only all that xp wasn’t lost.

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Yeah I do the same with my Reyna loadout. 0 cost shard gen, green 21% buildable, and then usually a heal power or cooldown reduc. Build all the things until I can hit level 4 heals!

I decided to attempt getting this, got it first try owo…


I would go with a no cost shard generator, or if you want a legindary one id go with the generous refund policy (you wont regret spending your shards on bildables before maxing out your gear and it reduces buildable cost further) or Lorrian purse cutter (bankrupting enemy players is a good option too). id also use finiscian wrench (higher potential damage) or H3nchm4n’s capacator (lv 3 stuff is harder to kill in general) as the buildable cost redoction. Also another shard generator gear you can consider is the plasmite transducer (converts damage into shards, good for a bulky battleborn)

…I have several like it that are zero activation fee.

Try a smart easy money, as an uncommon it reduces cooldown for each crit you land and has a 2 or more spc… All of my builds with a legendary have a shard generator…

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I’ve considered the H3nchm4ns capacitor, but idk if i wanna trade the shardgen i get from the current wrech gear i have.

when i get all my gear im getting roughly 5 shards per second,and i think thats worth the not having 20% stronger sheilded buildables (I do have H3nchm4n’s capacitor i just never use it), plus 10% shield pen doesn’t interest me.

I think my current shard gen load out balances the cool bonues effects i’ll get with the shard gen and build able cost reduction.

5 shards a second, -21% buildable cost, +30% shared crystals, 250+ sheild boost with overshield whenever it regens, and then tier 3 buildables recharge faster. (last one is the worst effect i dont care about lol)
I think thats worth it, though im considering swapping out the 30% share crystals with a good legendary, maybe Vigilance Link when it’s unsuspended and nerfed

Ahh, skipped past that shard generator thing on the wrench, if you are using it just for that i would say just use a purple wrench with shard generation (good luck of getting that roll).

Also qurtermasterys bin shairs 30% of the shards you pick up with your team mates, not inceases your shard generation by 30%. It would be better if one of your stealthy/quick moving teamates use it over you (preferably phebe or OM)

The lorean purse cutter might maximise youre shard generation, its secondary isent great if you dont use cc, but stealing shards can be devistating if you can put out enough damage.

I think the finel bonuses of that would be (assuming perfict rolls) would be -21% buildable, 4.9 shards/sec, only 140 to shilds + boost, 10% shard steal, and about 5% to cc effect (cinda worthless in my oppinion, but it comes with shard steal)