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Hey guys!

Since the CTT sh*t went down in reallife, but now I´m looking forward to the release and celebrate it my own way - with lots of crazy crafts!

Here my next thingy - a most detailed Shard ,handsculpted from trancelucend orange polymerclay.
It was then handpainted with several layers of Citadel-Colors, to match the appearal in the game as much as possible.
If held against a string lightsource it looks glowing & trancelucent as ingame^^

About 7cm long, on leatherband.

What ya need:
-orange trancelucend polymerclay from "FIMOeffect"clays
-Citadel-Colors; orange hues, yellow, “Karak Stone”, “Balor Brown”/“Tau Light Ocre”
-A knife for the clay
-thin pin for carving details.
-a loop for the necklace.

Roll out a thick oll clay, cut in on both ends and bend “C”. Make moe smaller rolls and cut their pinpointed heads - these pieces ( “>” shaped) will be the later crytsal points growing on the shard.

Attach two big point on the top & bottom of the big “C” you made. The “C” is the mainbody of the shard.
If both tips, top & bottom, are attached to “C” you have the raw form of your shard.

Now take a knife and carve top & bottom points into a crystaline shape, by cutting flat pieces from the surface. You han use a rueler/card/piece of cardboard to stamp in straight lines and mold flat crystal surfaces too.

If your main shard looks good, take all the tiny "<"´s you cut from thin rolls and set them onto the mainbody. You can pre-shape these thorns with the knife too, for a better stonelike look.

If all pins/points/thorns are attached onto the mainbody, use a thin needle to carve in the cracks and details. (These carved lines will filled with arkbrown paint after baking, so they appear as drawn lines.)

When you´re satisfgied with the look of your shard, put it into your oven/kiln (100-130°Celsius, 15-20min)
After baking the clay will look darker oange, with a great trancelucend/transparent glow.

Now you can paint it.
Grab your paint and mix a brown-black color as patina. This patina will get rubbed into the carved details, to immitate drawn comic-like outlines. Paint the shard over and then take a tissue and wash of the paint ASAP! If you have done good the dark paint will only remain in the carved lines.
After that you can play arround with orange, yellow & greys until it looks as you desire.

I´m sorry I made no pictures of the progress, but maybe the textversion can be of some use too.

I´ll give my best to make photos of the next projects progress for a better tutorial.


Much want :slight_smile:


Glad you like it! :smiley: I hope I can sculpt some more soon for my Etsy-shop^^


If you do you’ve got yourself a new customer


Totally will give you a badass discount in that case! :heart:


All I need is a link :slight_smile:

Oh, and I hope the price is alright, before it was up for sale for 21,50€

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A great price indeed :slight_smile: I get paid on the release date of BattleBorn oddly enough ^^;

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I usually make cheaper prices on fanart in general and I love to share my crafts with other fans, thats worth the discount^^
:smiley: Thats perfect timing! But its not running away, so no worries.

PS: Dear GBX, I´d really love to work for you, so I don´t have to sell my crafts with this bad feeling of ripping you off… I love you guys! :heart:

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