Shards & Gear & Building & Aurox?


So, you use Shards to activate gear.

You use Shards to activate buildables.

Shards are used to power various things in the story missions.

Aurox is a djinn made of shards?

Just what are Shards and how do they work?

Are they unique to Solus?

Actually, Aurox is powered by them. But this brings up strong points. Why does every shard look like Solus? Ik they power things with energy trapped inside of them, but beyond that, ?

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Because stylized video game design? BB isn’t really grounded in realism, so I can let a lot of details like that slide.

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I can see that. But at the same time, this is Gearboz. They put a ton of detail into the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a connection, considering that they both power things and they look the exact same

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The real question is why Aurox doesn’t have any shard based Helix Augments :wink:

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That’s a great point. Give them passive shard regen as a level 5 helix. Really make them think about what to choose