Share you favourite quest reward weapons from the vanilla game

Now that we can get good versions of these with annointments for eridium - share some of your favourite ones and ideally give a rundown to how the quest is acquired as well.

snip unfortunately it doesnt work with DLC weapons

Sooo screwing around with this a bit i think my favourites are the ones everyone probably already knows about:

Whispering Ice
Just an insane CC grenade. For everyone who doesnt need hitpoints from grenades or runs the piss for the debuff - this thing is a serious contender for best in slot.

Mendels Multivitamin:
As mentioned already by someone else - it has always been a really good niche shield ever since release.

Porceilaine Pipe Bomb:
Despite what all the old threats say, this is still one of the best direct damage grenades in the game. It completely blows a pretty large number of the legendary ones away. On the downside its nowhere near as good as something like the Spring Epicenter and it doesnt have the convencience of homing lifesteal grenades.

Not good but interesting enough:
Soleki Protocol:
This sniper shoots 4 projectiles after the first bounce and only comes in Shock. Its one of the cooler guns in the game but at the end of the day it just cant compete because it basically cant crit anything consistently with all its projectiles and shock is really not consistently useful in almost all areas of the game.

I also ended up getting a pretty nutty “trick stagecoach”. Definitely something to look out for.

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How would you get an annointed bubble blaster ?

Seventh Sense

Im assuming this should work.

Just checked it - seeing an annointed quest reward redistributor (blue). No clue if there will be exceptions.

DLC mission rewards weren’t included in the Veterans Machine, so unfortunately it won’t work. Not sure what the long-term plans are on that.

I see, thats unfortunate.

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If you need to do the mission first then why cant they just add the DLC stuff as well. It is honestly a pretty pointless addition without all the weapons from every DLC quest. Hopefully in the future they add the DLC stuff in it, because until then I have no interest in the veteran reward machine XD

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I like the Chad… aside from the Transformer it may be the only reward I’ve specifically gone after as a TVHM quest reward.

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Same! Hanging Chadd is one of my favorite weapons in the game. I’m trying to make it work in a build right now, but its still underpowered without an anointment. It might be somewhat usable if it could have one.

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Other than making them available to keep (with a Mayhem level), I don’t think their ability to come with an anointment changed? That said, I’m crawling all over Earl for a Black Flame and Rogue Sight at MM10, level 60 (got a Big Succ already). I’m also curious to see if it throws an anointment at a Peacemonger, but I don’t think so.

Edit: oops.vanilla game


Finger biter shotgun from eden 6 prison. When i was zane it was amazing. This is pre mayhem 2.0 at 4.0

Because how it works itd almost alaays sboot grenades too.

I dunno how it is anymore but i really liked it.

This may be a common one but the Chadd, followed by the cloud kill and the Portapooper. Nothing like shooting sewage at your foes XD

redistributer carried me through like 10 level and im always a fan of hyperion smg

Can you get a LoveMachine? back in the days this smg was fun I wonder how it is now.

I’m replaying w/ a friend in co-op off & on, & just got Refined Starkiller this evening, absolutely loving it. Curious how it would do in M10, so will def be checking Vet Rewards for that on my main, hope I can grab one.

This is a favorite of mine too… wish it could come anointed.

Is there a reliable way to check if a weapon can be annointed or not (akin to checkign weapong parts or something)? Or if there isnt maybe a comprehensive list?

I know the Chadd cant be annointed and neither can the sevent sense.

Lovemachine for sure

I use this list… have no idea how reliable the source is, but it hasn’t been wrong so far.


Another decent one.

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