Share your farming horror stories

I’m into my second week of farming the Power Troopers for an Cryo Helix with 100% Cryo anointment because my last effort into finding a good Helix got destroyed with the new level cap increase. I thought it would be a good idea to open up a discussion where all of us can heal the mental scars from Gearbox completely missing the point of a good risk/effort to reward ratio before we all move on to CyberPunk 2077 and forget this game ever existed. Please feel free to share your stories with this horrific national-lottery-level RNG.

  • What’s the longest you’ve farmed for something ?
  • Did you even eventually find it ?
  • If so, how fast was your effort ruined with a level cap increase ?

i don farm i just take world drops, but man this one time i wanted x6 dictator in corrosive (before monarch was in game) and agonizer kept dropping anything but that for 2 days straight. even nowadays he drops damned more than dictator. why do i care for dictator? cuz fuk m6 exclusives and the direction gbx took with that ■■■■

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I farmed for a Cryo + 100% STNL Cryo Lob during the INCREASED boss drop rates week that took place just over a month ago. GW would literally drop a Lob or even two every two runs. I farmed nothing but GW for the entire week for about 6-10 hours a day and I’ve seen a total of 2 of them. Of course both with sub par statistics. Trying to do that without that drop boost is next to impossible, not to mention that when you’re trying to find this anointment on anything while playing Zane it’s of course weighted heavily against you.

  • Gogo guys - let’s see who can top this topic with the most ridiculous story.

Here’s another: It took me 11 days of farming to find a Cryo Old God with STNL 15% speed, those were the only two statistics I wanted, I didn’t care about the other. I say that because apart from those two Old God can come with 3 different listed perks and 1 unlisted one. The best source for a reliable Old God farm imo (by that I mean once every 7-12 kills) is Empowered Grawn. I’ve found one after 11 days like I mentioned and of course every other stat on it was pretty much completely useless and it had the lowest shield capacity of all the Old God’s I’ve encountered during that ordeal.

The time I put into farming may sound over the top, but it was my summer break and we were in full lockdown here in the UK. Now that I’m returning to uni next week I’m not even entertaining the thought of trying to do this again, especially given that Gearbox would rather force you to play by hanging an unobtainable carrot in front of you rather than endear it’s player base with attainable farm based on a satisfactory effort/reward system.

I farmed during the 100% drop rates special events to get a Light show fire CH , never get it , i spent 2-3 hours each day or the Spiritual driver when it just came out , 2 days to get only one ( a bad one )

Holy ■■■■ man, the Lightshow had a 100% drop rate during that time. I farmed for a Cryo + 100% Cryo one - it took me 2 days of killing Lasodactyl every 15 seconds to get one. I’ve seen a total of 2 during those two days I farmed for it. The first Cryo + Cryo Lightshow that dropped had a paltry 8k per projectile, the second was a god roll with 10k per projectile but of course I can wipe my ass with it now after the level cap increase.

I think people have way too much faith in Cyberpunk 2077 it’s just another game, it’s not going to be the best game ever created. I believe it’s going to be like skyrim ( open world, excepting side quests from random npc and most likely not being able to kill anyone you want due to story restrictions.

Anyone tried farming decent versions of items with a really low drop rate like the Plaguebarer or the Smog ? The latter always makes me laugh when I think about it. You have to wade through the entire takedown, which even with shortcuts through long jumps at max speed takes about 40 minutes, then have the luck of Scourge The Invincible dropping one on death, then keep your fingers crossed that it will have the right element out of 6 possible variations, then tighten your crossed fingers more for it to have the right anointment out of like 40-something available, then the right parts and hopefully the right type of Hyperion shield out of a total of 4. I mean how great is that ? They recently increased it’s drop chance by a some margin though - hope restored !

Whatever CyberPunk turns out to be it’s NOT going to be a quickly cobbled together, female-supremacy and misandry filled propaganda Joseph Goebbels would be proud of cash grab, that was half-assedly made from a lot of recycled creative material designed to fill the budget gap left after Battleborne’s financial failure by riding the coattails of a far better predecessor.

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Tink of Cunning is the worst. I’m going there for Rakk P4k mods, I end up with infinite number of Amara dragon mods.
The times I get a Rakk P4k after like 10+ runs, the rolls are so awful that it brings me absolutely no joy. F@ck that whole trial and that stingy Tink.

The last thing I remember farming for with specific parts was a slag, bladed Rubi early in BL2… not so much farming as exploiting the fact that the game re-rolls the weapon if you quit before accepting it, so I was just restarting the game repeatedly. I think it took a full day or two.

Yesterday I tried to kill the wendigo. Since he is immune to fire damage this is really horrible with moze and mind sweeper. After 4 deaths I finally killed him without any legendary drop. Decided to not try him again lol.

I have been farming consistently 3-4 hours daily for consecutive hits hellwalker since it’s recent buff. Still nothing. GBX should start a casino in Vegas…

Well over a thousand kills on The Unstoppable for a Band of Sitorak anointed with SNTL Movement Speed at level 50.

I have never seen it, to this day.

I essentially gave up looking for it.

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I hear ya. This idiocy with forcing players to play different characters by having the game drop things for anything BUT the character you’re playing is atrocious. It’s been around since Diablo 1 and it’s been hated ever since. But again, companies would rather engineer the way you play by limiting choices in certain areas thinking they can better control your long term commitment rather than keep you in the loop by delivering a satisfying, fun experience. It’s so stupidly counterproductive it defies belief.

Holy ■■■■, that tops my atrocious Old God farming experience by a mile dude - I feel for you.

That’s just sad dude … The Hellwaker is one of very few items that actually has a fairly limited amount of variables. Just the fact that it can only come in fire element makes it much easier to farm for the perfect one but still you struggle … Damn …

It’s ok.

After today’s hotfix, I think I’m going to take a very long break from the game.

Clearly, my expectations for the game, and the GBX expectations are diametrically opposed.

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Mine was kinda recent, because of the lvl 65 cap, was farming for a Flipper, with Shock/Corrosive combo for my explosive Moze, even if it was no annoint, just wanted a weapon to quick take out shields/armor and switch to main damage.
Took me ages, i think i killed the poor guy 50 or 60 times, got a lot of Flippers, but always in other elements, even got a Fire/Rad with 300/90 annoint that i will use on my Elemental Amara, but the one i wanted was never droping, it was so frustrating, i actually thought this particular combination could no drop or was bugged lol.
But i eventually got one, even came with the “kills increase damage” annoint or something like that.

I hear ya dude. Trust me, I’ve put over 600 hours into this game and I NEVER seen a Cryo+100% STNL Cryo Helix - not once. At this point I’m inclined to believe this roll doesn’t exist if you’re trying to find it while using Zane. The previous one I had, had the bugged + 200% DMG AS annoint, better than nothing I guess but after the level cap increase from 60 to 65 the damage difference on Helixes is almost double so I have to farm for a new one to compete with the mob’s HP increase.

One time, I farmed. Needless to say, I never want to experience something like that again.